healthier, Tastier, oxygenated WATER
Inspired by nature

Backed by Science

Before consumption, water needs to be oxygenated to restore its optimal structure and rejuvenate its silky sweetness. The Swirl employs vortex technology to rebalance the water's pH levels and prevent the growth of bacteria, resulting in superior hydration.

Unlock the Power of

Natural Minerals

Boost your immune system, decrease fatigue, sharpen your memory and minimize wrinkles. Introducing MAYU's revolutionary liquid hyper-concentrated formula, enriched with all-natural minerals.

Give your body

The Water You Deserve

Designed with athletes in mind, MAYU Electrolytes feature natural ingredients to maximize your workouts, ensuring quick absorption of high-quality minerals into the body.

Plastic-free lifestyle

The Bottle Matters

Studies demonstrate that drinking from plastic bottles boosts the level of microplastics present in our water. By transitioning to MAYU glass bottles, you can not only be eco-friendly, but also boost the purity and quality of your water.

LIFE is water

Water is Life

At MAYU, our mission is to ensure that safe, living water is accessible to all inhabitants of our planet. We are committed to making a positive impact, and with every purchase of MAYU, you contribute to bringing us closer to fulfilling this purpose.

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"Amazing taste! Beautiful design!We are drinking all day long with a pleasure!"

Happy Water. Happy People


"We are very pleased with Mayu Swirl. The water tastes great and thus we are drinking more of it."

Daniel G

New York, NY


"The water really tastes better, great purchase"


Los Angeles, CA


"Delicious. Didn't know what my water was missing until now. Looking forward to sharing these!"


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"Love my Mayu water swirler! I can actually taste the difference!"


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