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Will structured water boost my child's immune system?

Asked a year ago

I'm wondering whether structured water holds more nutrients and whether it may boost my daughter's immune system. She's almost 2 years old and no longer drinks milk from me but readily drinks water. I'm looking for ways to boost her immune system because ever since she's been going to playgroup, she's constantly getting sick. I understand that it's because she's exposed to new germs, but is there a way I can use water to boost her immune system?

Cameron-Leigh Henning

Cameron-Leigh Henning

Monday, October 31, 2022

Structured water has many health benefits. Apart from being more easily absorbed by the cells in the body, resulting in optimum hydration, structured water increases energy, improves concentration and focus, helps detoxify the body, promotes good digestion, and most importantly, supports a healthy immune system.

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