Evolved from nature

MAYU stream enhances your drinking water with a swirling motion which
naturally aerates, detoxifies, and improves the taste and quality of almost any water.
Whether it’s tap water, filtered, purified RO (Reverse Osmosis)  or distilled water, aeration positively influences the waters’ physical and chemical characteristics.

Still Water


Still Water


Flowing water

Stays fresh and clear

Flowing water

Stays fresh and clear

MAYU Water

Better for you

MAYU Water

Better for you

When water Moves Around, a Bunch of Great Things Happen

Keep your water fresh and healthy in its natural flowing state



The swirling motion increases gas transfer between the atmosphere and the entire body of water by more than 6,000%, balancing the water faster.

Infuse oxygen

Aeration introduces fresh atmospheric air, enriching the water and replenishing the dissolved oxygen.


Aeration naturally speeds up chlorine evaporation.  A process that takes days in stagnant water is expedited to only take minutes.

Improved taste & odor

Aeration removes many tastes and odors from water.  These may be dissolved gases or volatile organic molecules.

Evaporate toxins

Strips Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as MTBE, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and many other harmful organics.

Precipitate metals

Dissolved Iron and Manganese are gently oxidized and precipitated by the aeration process.

Strip THMs

Trihalomethanes are carcinogenic byproducts produced when chlorine and organic compounds meet- this may happen in a carbon filter.   Aeration helps them leave.

Raise pH level

Aeration increases pH levels by a bit making the purified water less acidic.

Inspired by Nature, Backed by Science

How It's Done


Oxygen In

The swirling motion introduces atmospheric oxygen into the water

Volatile Compounds Out

The air circulation causes volatile compounds to release from the water

Healthier Water

Aeration balances the pH, improves taste, odor and overall quality of any drinking water

Mayu's Perfect Vortex Patent Pending Technology

the best way to keep your water in motion


MAYU Turns any water better

Dissolved Oxygen in Still VS Aerated Water (ppm/after 10 minutes)

  • Standing water
  • Swirling water

Chlorine Evaporation Aerated VS Still Water (ppm/minute)

  • Swirling tap water
  • Standing tap water
Tap Water

Tap Water

Evaporates chlorine, VOCs improves taste and odor

Fridge water dispenser

Fridge water dispenser

Raises dissolved oxygen levels, evaporates disinfection byproduct, removes unpleasant taste and odor

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Evaporates trihalomethanes and other disinfection byproducts.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Raises DO and balances pH, Removes unpleasant taste and odor

Standing vs. Swirling Water Taste Test

Mayu blind water taste

We let 100 people blind test a glass of regular filtered water vs. a glass of the same water, aerated for 10 min.
The results were unequivocal: 83% of people preferred the swirled water.

Which water tastes better?

  • Standing Water
  • Swirling Water

Stay hydrated

With MAYU, you’ll drink more water.
The swirling motion engages and delights visually while the rounded taste will satisfy your thirst.