MAYU aerates the water, causing some dissolved gases or volatile compounds to release from the water as well as improving taste and odor. The swirling motion is induced by a magnetic swirler.

We truly believe cleaner water is better for our health, and aeration is a proven method to accelerate the evaporation of some toxic volatile compounds- BUT-MAYU stream alone, won’t remove bacteria and other pathogens out of the water.

MAYU pays careful attention to anything that touches the water. As water is the universal solvent. The vessels are made of premium borosilicate glass and the magnetic swirler is coated by food grade POM.

MAYU is carefully designed for home use. For example, we’ve worked hard for it to work seamlessly, so you don’t have to turn it on and set the exact spinning volume every time you rest the vessel. The load cell on the bottom of the device senses that the vessel is on it and the amount of water in it, thus working automatically. You rest it on and a perfect vortex is formed according to the amount of water in the vessel, you lift it and it’s off. So to allow the same effort as in serving water from a regular pitcher.

We examined many models to find a design that is perfectly quiet, this is a must for a product like MAYU Stream. Unlike regular lab spinners, our impeller sits on a glass ball hinge and while spinning it almost floats. This way it’s perfectly balanced all the time and also doesn’t fall out when you pour the water. The structural materials and shape of the device, are designed especially for home use and kitchens, from the porcelain base to the borosilicate drop shape of the vessel.

These are just a few examples of why the  MAYU Stream is something new. And the best way to aerate your drinking water at home.

We wouldn’t recommend that. But on a dinner table, it will take ordinary water, and turn it into something extraordinary. The idea behind adding batteries to the device was to bring the beauty of flowing water back home, to the center of the table. Hoping more people will look at their water again and see it in a different way.

MAYU recommends 7-15 minutes for optimal results. However, you can let it swirl, it won’t go bad.

The vessel is 1.5 Liters or 50.7oz.

The power source is USB  and the base itself has a built-in battery for up to 6 hours of wireless swirling.

The electric current is DC 5V 0.1-1A

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems so that they fit the people who use them.

Much thought was put into the design of the vortex vessel, not only for its beauty but also in it’s size, weight, and shape so that it’s easy to hold & pour with one hand. We worked with an expert in glass drinkware (cups, carafes) to design a bottleneck that is easily grasped and poured without slipping. The glass neck was widened a bit at the top so that it won’t slip from your grip. We also chose 1.5 liters to be the suggested maximum amount of liquid for ease of use.

The base should be placed on a dry stable countertop. Lightly touch the touch button (small indentation on the base)  to turn it on. 

The base will go into ‘sleep mode’ after 1.5 hours, in order to make it work again, just touch the touch button. Once you have done this, check to see if the light is shining in the back of the base. If the light is white, this means that there is power in the battery and a full battery should last for up to 6 hours. If there is an orange light, the battery is not full, and if it is blinking orange, this means that the battery is running low.  The charging cable is unique and another option won’t work. Once the base is turned on, fill up the glass carafe up to the 1.5 liters mark. Next, gently place the carafe in the center of the base. Make sure it is centered and not off balance.   

After a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of your swirler.

The product should be running with a constant swirling motion of the water inside the carafe.

The swirling motion does make an audible sound, however, if this doesn’t seem right to you, please send a short video to contact@mayuwater.com so that we may understand and figure out the best way to solve the issue. In any case, please make sure you are using the MAYU Carafe and that it is centered on the base.

First, check If the battery is full. Then check if the base is connected to the electricity. Then check if the carafe is filled with 1.5 liters of water? If there is not enough water inside, this could happen. 

Place water inside, place it on the base, wait for a few seconds and then see if it is running correctly.  If this still wasn’t successful, try the whole process again. Fill the carafe with water, place the charger again in the electricity and wait for the light. The battery should be charged.  Place the carafe on the base and wait for it to start. The touch button is an on and off button, but the process should start automatically once the carafe is placed on the base. The base will turn into ‘sleep mode’ after 1.5 hours, so try the touch button again.

First, check if the cable is connected to the main power source. Then check if the charger is connected to the magnet of the base.

The charger for this product is unique, and cannot be changed to something else. First unplug it from the electricity source, wait for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in again. You should see the magnetic socket light up from the base once it is charging. 

Next, touch the ‘touch’ button, as the base will turn off if not used for an hour. If you are still unable to make it work, please write to us at contact@mayuwater.com

The battery is supposed to last up to 6 hours once full. We recommend keeping it charged for as long as possible, to preserve its battery life.  As this is a new product, it is recommended to recharge and deplete the battery between 4-5 full cycles.

Make sure that you recharge the battery a full cycle.

The first time swirl is enough, we recommend between 7-10 minutes for 1.5 liters. It won’t cause any harm to swirl it again, however, this is not essential. There is no limit for swirling time, however, we recommend not to leave it for too long, in order to preserve battery life. The effects of the swirl last up to 24 hours.

When the water is swirling, you must leave the lid open in order for aeration to occur.  When the Carafe isn’t swirling, we recommend keeping the lid on to prevent anything external from entering the Carafe.

Once we have a tracking number, it will be forwarded to you.

We accept returns for unused products within 30 days of purchase or receipt.  Products must be unopened and in the original packaging. For returns, refunds are processed to the original payment method and can take up to 1-2 weeks after we receive the product to reflect on your end. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

Put the base on a flat surface, with the metal side facing down, check that the screws underneath are in tightly. Touch the dimple button, and check the color of the light on the back of the base. If the light is white- you are good to go, if it is orange, please charge it until it changes to white. (The base will go into sleep mode after 60 mins to wake it up you have to touch it again)


Fill the vessel with up to 1.5 litres, place it cetred on the base. If it still doesn’t work: in a quiet environment, press the base down without the vessel and place your ear next to it, to detect a quiet motor sound. If you can hear a noise, this is a good sign, and this means that the base is working properly.  However, if you cannot hear a sound, check again that the battery is charged, if it is and it still doesn’t work, send us a video to contact@mayuwater.com.


Check the impeller. When you have placed the vessel filled with 1.5L on the base, within a minute the vortex should occur and you should see the water spin. If this is not working, check to see that the white impeller at the bottom of the vessel is turning. If not, empty the water, use a metal or wood stick, and manually but gently touch and try to spin the impeller. (Make sure that the impeller is still connected to the vessel) Now fill the water again to 1.5L and try this again. 

If you have tried every step and are still unsuccessful, send us a video of the process to contact@mayuwater.com so that we may understand and figure out the best way to solve the issue.

The motor itself does make a light sound. The vortex (swirling water) also has a natural sound. If the vortex touches the white impeller at the bottom of the vessel, the sound will be louder. Fill with 1.5L of water, and see if the sound changes. If the impeller is fixed too tightly to the bottom of the vessel, there is a possibility that this is causing a louder sound (all of our products are hand made and there is a slight variability from product to product) . Try to manually move the impeller. For this, take something long, and gently move the impeller in circular motions. Next, fill again with water, and check to see if the sound is quieter. If it still makes the same sound, please send us a short video to contact@mayuwater.com and we will look into the situation for you and see what we can do.

In order to check for optimum swirling, fill the vessel with 1.5L of water. The amount of water inside the vessel affects the depth of the vortex. When the carafe is filled with 1.5L of water, the proper vortex will be at least 5cm in depth. Each and every carafe is hand-made, therefore each vessel has its own individual swirl.

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