Still water stagnates. Flowing water stays fresh and clear. When water moves around, a bunch of great things happen. Here's how swirling aeration works in our drinking water:


The aeration process improves the taste and quality of almost any water. Tap water, filtered or distilled water … adding oxygen to drinking water positively influences the physical and chemical characteristics of drinking water.

Oxygen In

The swirling motion increases gas transfer between the atmosphere and the entire body of water, introduces fresh air, enriching and replenishing dissolved oxygen into the water. 

Chlorine Out

If you're drinking tap water, chances are, there's chlorine in your water. Chlorine is great to keep the bacterial and viruses at bay but is in no way beneficial to our bodies.  Swirling enhances Chlorine removal. 

Raise pH level

Aeration increases pH levels by a bit making the purified water less acidic. These is achieved by the removal of carbon dioxide from the water.

Improve taste and odor

This aeration removes many tastes and odors from water. These may be dissolved gases or volatile organic molecules.




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