The Swirl 

Turning the ordinary into extraordinary

MAYU’s stunning design stirs the desire to drink more water. The quiet presence of the vortex impacts the whole room’s atmosphere. Like a bonfire, just with water.  

It is not just mesmerising, flowing water is better for you, the swirling movement of water is an essential part of its quality. It “revitalizes” the water. While still water stagnates, flowing water stays fresh and clear, the flowing motion improves the water’s physical and chemical characteristics and slows microorganisms from developing, these changes influence the water’s taste 

Swirling water tastes better, The swirling motion increases gas transfer between the atmosphere and the entire body of water, introduces fresh air, enriching and replenishing dissolved oxygen into the water. This, in turn, like in wine affects the water’s taste, "sweetening" the water, returning your drinking water to its natural silky mouthfeel, and healthy equilibrium.

Evolve from nature, backed by science

Oxygen in. Volatile Compounds Out. The vortex accelerates gas transfer, which in turn, increase the evaporation and release of volatile compounds from the water such as chlorine(1), THM’s(2) and other VOC’s(3)
To read more about the benefits of the aeration process to your drinking water, click here


baby water
You and your children will drink more, Mayu Swirl increases the water consumption in households. early users of Mayu Swirl have commented that they find themselves and their children drinking more water thanks to the beautiful visual effect the Swirl has in their home.
A simple awareness and visual cues may be the keys for healthy hydration.
Make water go WoW!
Give your water natural flavours, and exciting serving. Easily make cold tea/coffee/fruit brewing. The swirling motion augments and accelerates the extraction of flavours in an elegant and new way.
MAYU’s perfect vortex technology is the best way to keep your water in motion
Controlled by solid-state load cells that sense the presence of the carafe and start the swirling motion automatically, calibrating the volume and speed according  to the amount of water in the carafe for a constant, perfect, hassle-free vortex.
51 oz (1.5 Litre) Grade-A borosilicate The tempered glass carafe is light-weight, crystal clear and dishwasher safe. Manufactured using the highest quality methods and processes in an ISO 90001 factory.
The Water drop-shape design eliminates stagnating zones in the carafe so all the water flows freely.
1.5 litre (51 Oz) mark engraved on the side of the carafe for accurate measurement. (And perfect vortex display) 


A lid to seal the carafe from unpleasant odors, aerosols, dust, and other particulates. Intended for use after the aeration process.

living water
Up to 7 hours of wireless battery to keep your water swirling anywhere.
No cables required while entertaining guests with a Li-ion rechargeable battery. 

Magnetic tip USB charging cable. Connect in a snap!



water pitcher unboxing

Our packaging is as solid as the gorgeous product is inside it.
What’s in the box?

best water dispenser

Technical Specifications:
  • Plug: USB type A 
  • Power: 5V --- 1A
  • Cord Length: 50 inch (1.27m) 
  • Volume: 1.5L to the marked fill line
  • Weight: 30.9 Oz (875 g) 
  • Height: 12.6" (320mm)
  • Diameter: 5.5" (140mm)
  • Material: Pure porcelain base with 304 stainless steel bottom. Hand Blown Grade-A borosilicate glass with a built-in magnetic impeller, TPE coated and natural bamboo or 304 stainless steel lid.
  • Product Certifications: ETL certified, CE certified, FCC compliance.