How does it work?

The Mayu Swirl aerates water, causing some dissolved gases or volatile compounds to release from the water which improves taste and odor. The swirling motion is induced by a magnetic aerator that create a perfect oxygen vortex. Always remove the lid before swirling so that oxygen can be drawn into the water in the carafe.

Does the Swirl remove bacteria?

The Mayu Swirl alone will not remove bacteria or pathogens found in water. Aeration is a proven method to accelerate the evaporation of some toxic volatile compounds. For the absolute freshest water, use filtered water with your Swirl.

How do I turn it on?

The base should always be placed on a dry, stable countertop. Lightly touch the touch senor button (small indentation on the base) to turn on the power. The base will go into ‘sleep mode’ after 1.5 hours. To make it work again, just touch the touch sensor. Check to see if the power cord connection light in the back of the base is on. If the light is white, this means that there is power in the battery. A full battery should last up to 6 hours. If the light is orange, the battery will need to be charged soon. If the light is blinking orange, plug the charger in.  The magnetic charging cable is unique to the Swirl. Other USB power cords will not work. Once the base is turned on, fill up the glass carafe up to the 1.5 liters mark. Gently place the carafe in the center of the base. Make sure it is centered and not off balance. In about 10 minutes, pour and enjoy!

How long should I let the water swirl?

We recommend 7-15 minutes for optimal results. Store your swirled water in our 1.5L container. Best served within 48 hours of swirling.

Does constant swirling help?

Swirling 1.5 litres of water for 7-10 minutes is all you need to get the best results. It won’t cause any harm to swirl it for longer periods of time. There is no limit for swirling time. We recommend not to leave it on for too long in order to preserve battery life. The water quality effects of the swirl last up to 24 hours.

How do I know it's working properly?

The base should be turned on and there should be a constant swirling vortex of air the center of the water inside the carafe.

How large is the carafe?

The carafe is designed for 1.5 litres (50.7 oz.) Look for the 1.5L engraving on the side for easy measuring.

How long does the wireless battery last?

The rechargeable battery inside the base is designed to last up to 6 hours. We recommend keeping it consistently charged to preserve battery life. We recommend charging and depleting the battery 4-5 full cycles immediately after your purchase. Make sure that you recharge the battery for a full cycle each time. A white light at the base will indicate a full charge.

What materials are used?

We pay careful attention to anything that touches water since water is a universal solvent. Our carafe is made of premium borosilicate glass which is highly durable and the magnetic swirler is coated with a FDA and USDA approved, food grade material called Polyoxymethylene Copolymer.

Isn't this just like a lab stirrer?

Yes, and no. The Swirl is carefully designed for home use. While lab stirrers are similar and less expensive, the Swirl is extremely intelligent and creates a perfect vortex when the carafe is placed on the base. The load cell on the bottom of the device senses that the carafe as well as the amount of water in it. A perfect vortex is formed according to the amount of water in the carafe. And when you lift the carafe, the base turns off. Unlike lab spinners, our impeller (the aerator disc mounted inside the carafe) sits on a glass ball hinge and spins almost silently and never falls out when you pour the water.

Can I use my Swirl outside?

Beyond use on your patio table, we don't recommend it. It needs to be placed on a flat and dry surface. Never leave it outside and unattended.

What is the power source?

Each Swirl comes with a rechargeable battery (for 6 hours of wireless swirling) and a USB power cord. The electric current is DC 5V 0.1-1A.

Ergonomic Design Info

Much thought was put into the design of the vortex engine, base, and carafe. It's not just a beautiful object. It's perfectly sized and balanced for daily use. We worked with experts in glassware to design a bottleneck that is easily grasped and poured without slipping. We chose 1.5 liters as the capacity to maximize volume without being too heavy to lift.

Should the base be making a noise?

The motor inside the base can make an audible sound, however, if this doesn’t seem right to you, please send a short video to [email protected] so that evaluate it. Always make sure to only use the base with a Mayu carafe and that it's centered on the base.

What if the base turns off?

First, check to see if the battery is fully charged. Then check if the power cord to the base is connected to the electric outlet. Make sure the carafe is filled with 1.5 liters of water. If there is not enough water inside, the base can go into sleep mode.

Questions about the power cord

Check to see if the cable is plugged in on both ends (magnetic plug-in to the base and the USB end into an electrical source) The charger for this product is unique and cannot be interchanged with other power cords. It's good to unplug the cord from the electricity source, wait 2 minutes and then plug it back in again. You should see the magnetic socket light up on the base once it's charging again. 

Then touch the touch sensor on the base to turn on the vortex motor. It will automatically shut off if it hasn't been used for an hour. If you are still unable to power the base, please email us at: [email protected]

What is your return policy?

We accept returns for unused products within 30 days of purchase or receipt. Products must be unopened and in the original packaging. For returns, refunds are processed to the original payment method and can take up to 1-2 weeks after we receive the product to reflect on your end. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping.