Hydration Bundle Combined


The Hydration bundle combined includes - A swirl, 3pack Essential minerals blend, an Electrolyte minerals blend, and a Carafe. 

Minerals - Meet the future of drinking water. 

A rich concentrated blend of essential minerals to supplement the filtered water you drink throughout the day. Ideal for water filtered by reverse osmosis or thermal distillation, as these systems remove essential minerals along with the pollutants and contaminants.

  • Completely eliminates the need to buy bottled mineral water
  • Scientifically blended to produce delicious, nutrient-packed water
  • Absolutely essential if you use Reverse Osmosis to filter your water

Make your own electrolyte water.

Enrich filtered drinking water with electrolytes, minerals, and ionic trace minerals. All the electrolytes your body needs without the excess sugar and plastic bottles.
  • Excellent source of electrolytes for fitness training
  • Ideal hydration choice before, during and post-workout
  • Swirl and blend then store and chill in our 1.5L Container 

Pour the perfect glass of water every time.

This hand-blown tempered glass carafe is lightweight, crystal clear, and durable. The water-drop shape eliminates stagnating zones so all the water is in constant motion. With a mounted low-profile impeller (aerator) that creates the mesmerizing vortex in the center.

  • Easy filling and pouring.
  • Glass carafe - grade A borosilicate glass, dishwasher safe. 
  • 1.5 Litre - engraved measuring line on the carafe side for perfect measuring
  • Closing lid for storage - 304 Stainless steel with a silicone seal 

Swirl - Enhance and restructure your water with a swirl  

Like drinking from a flowing river, the swirling motion of the Swirl pitcher naturally structure and aerates the water, replenishes dissolved oxygen, and balances pH levels to improve its taste and quality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using unfiltered tap water, filtered water, Reverse Osmosis, or distilled water - the Swirl will positively enhance the physical and chemical characteristics of your drinking water! 

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