Mayu Swirl

Inspired by nature. Backed by science.

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Water is life.

Some things in life we hold sacred: A love that lasts. Nature in bloom. Water in motion.

If water is life, swirling water is life-giving. Mankind has known this for ages. We are drawn to rolling water. Something in us wants to follow the current.

And yet today, most of our drinking water is trapped in toxic plastic bottles or stored in miles of old pipes. Where is the reverence for this essential liquid we can’t live without?

At Mayu, we capture the aeration process that happens in nature every day. We travel the world to find the precise minerals our body needs. Our products fuse advanced technology, ancient technique, and natural materials.

Our products aren’t just beautiful. They are backed by science. Discover the truth in water… truth that honors body, mind, and spirit.

It’s time to make your own mineral water. Start with pure H2O. Blend in fresh air. Infuse essential minerals. This is Mayu Water.