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The MAYU Swirl does NOT purify your water. The MAYU Swirl aerates and structures your water.

The water you use with your MAYU Swirl depends on the type of water that you have available to you.

Ideally, you want to use purified water that has been distilled or purified by Reverse Osmosis. However, those methods strip away both beneficial and harmful components. To compensate, MAYU offers Essential and Electrolytes Mineral Drops that can be added to your water to restore the healthy nutrients your body desires (see SHOP > Essential Minerals, or Electrolyte Minerals).

We understand that not everyone has these types of water readily available to them.
So, you may have to use tap water.
While it is not ideal, it's still better to drink tap water that has been aerated and structured than just regular tap water.

We recommend that you swirl your water for at least 7 to 10 minutes. If you have time, or just want to, you can swirl your water for 40 to 45 minutes for maximum aeration and structuring benefits. 


Your water journey is your own, and you will discover what is best for you as you use your MAYU Swirl! Once you have swirled the water, it will maintain its aeration and structure for up to 72 hours.

The MAYU Swirl can impact the PH of your water. However, to what degree depends completely on the PH of the water you start with.

The short answer is yes. Structured water is what some refer to as the water that’s found in nature. It has a naturally organized hexagonal state that the body uses efficiently.

Additionally, our blog has a lot of useful information, see ABOUT > The Water Academy Blog. Specifically on the topic, we would recommend reading the blogs "How To Make Structured Water" and "The Science Behind The MAYU Swirl".

Once you have swirled the water, it will maintain its aeration and structure for up to 72 hours.


The MAYU Swirl's base is powered by a rechargeable battery. The Swirl's EMF is considerably low, and the device is certified by the FCC, ETL, and CE. In addition, we constructed a screen shield for the small engine inside the porcelain base, which ensures that the engine is 100% separate from the carafe and water. 

Store your mineral and electrolyte blend minerals in a dark dry place to keep them fresh and potent. 

The Essential blend minerals are intended for everyday use with distilled or RO water. This replaces the essential minerals that are removed during the purification processes. Electrolyte blend minerals are intended to replenish the minerals and nutrients that are lost through sweat during elevated activity.

The Mayu Swirl aerates water, causing some dissolved gases or volatile compounds to release from the water which improves taste and odor. The swirling motion is induced by a magnetic aerator that creates a perfect vortex.

Having a lid does not change the quality of the performance of the MAYU Swirl's ability to aerate or structure the water. Nor does the presence of a lid impact how long the benefits of the Swirl last. It's 72 hours whether you have a lid on it or not. 

However, if you would like to purchase a lid, we have them available under SHOP > ALL.

As you have likely noticed, the impeller is no longer attached to the bottom like the previous version. The carafe now comes with a pour spout instead of a lid. The pour spout is designed to keep the impeller from falling into your drink when you pour the water from the carafe.

The Swirl is coming with: USB-C Charging Cable, USB wall plug adapter, Decorative Sticker, Ceramic Base, 100% Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel Pour Spout, Free floating impeller (stored in the pour spout during shipping), User Manual.