The MAyu Story

Our mission

Healthy Water For All

Motivated by a simple question - "what type of water is best for my baby?" - two friends set off on a mission to discover the highest quality of water, resulting in the founding of MAYU in 2018. Their purpose was distinct: they wanted to change the water industry and make it easier for people to stay hydrated without impacting the environment.

It takes a village

The Future of Water is Here

An assembly of worldwide specialists in chemistry, engineering, culinary and design united with us to realize our vision of a water cycle revolution. Through using time-honored knowledge of nature in tandem with cutting-edge technology, MAYU is leading the path for a novel epoch of water excellence.

Make a splash

1% For Water

With MAYU, we're striving to give everyone the chance to make clean water in their homes with no plastic involved. Our mission ties together the well-being of humans and the planet, providing the right connection. When you buy MAYU, you help build a better world, as part of the profits go to support water preservation initiatives. Let's enjoy water, let's enjoy life.