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YES! The MAYU Swirl is covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty. This covers any issues or defects that were caused by the manufacturing process.

We understand that accidents happen. Though breaking the carafe isn’t covered under the warranty we do offer the carafe on it’s own so that you don’t have to purchase a whole Swirl. You can get it at:

If your purchase doesn't quite meet your expectations, just let us know within 30 days of receipt. We're committed to your happiness and will gladly offer a refund. Please note that we cannot accept the return of consumable products. This includes MAYU minerals or electrolytes.


If your brand-new MAYU Swirl isn't creating that enchanting vortex, don't fret! You're now the proud owner of our latest version, which features an updated carafe design. Inside, you'll discover a small white disc – our impeller, packed carefully in tissue paper and placed atop the pour spout. 

To unleash the magic, it's a breeze! Unwrap the tissue paper, remove the pour spout, gently slide the impeller into the water within your carafe, put the spout back on top, and voila! Let the Swirling commence, delivering its mesmerizing performance just as you imagined. Get ready to experience the enchantment!

Caring the Carafe involves cleaning it every 4-5 days with dish soap (preferably eco-friendly detergent) to prevent anything from accumulating on the impeller (the white disc inside the carafe).

The carafe is waterproof and dishwasher safe. If you see remnants of scale after regular hand/dishwasher use, don't fret! Add one teaspoon of Citric Acid to the carafe and fill it with warm water. Place the carafe on your MAYU Swirl base and let it spin until you see no trace of scale on the carafe walls. Empty the carafe and wash it.

To clean the impeller from stains, add one cup of water and one spoon of bleach. Let it rest during the night, then flush away the bleach and wash well with water and soap.

Embrace the beauty of uniqueness! Each MAYU Swirl base is meticulously crafted by hand, making it as distinct as a snowflake. This individuality ensures that no two bases are identical, offering you a one-of-a-kind piece that adds a touch of exclusive charm to your Swirl experience. 



Store your mineral and electrolyte blend minerals in a dark dry place to keep them fresh and potent. 

Both Essential and Electrolyte Mineral blends serve unique purposes. The Essential blend is perfect for daily use, especially with distilled or RO water, as it restores those vital minerals stripped during purification, ensuring your water remains nutritious for everyday consumption.

The Electrolyte blend is formulated to replenish the minerals and nutrients lost during periods of increased activity or sweating. It's a fantastic choice to reinvigorate and restore your body's essential elements after physical exertion. Both blends offer tailored benefits to support your body's needs at different times!