natural oxygenation
Ultimate Hydration

the MAYU Swirl

Similar to nature, the Swirl increases dissolved oxygen in tap, filtered, and bottled water 6,000 times faster than water that is left still – resulting in rich-texture, pH-balanced and structured water.

Happy Water. Happy People

Backed by Science

Inspired By Nature

The Swirl’s whirlpool motion
restores water molecules to their natural form, allowing for faster and more effective absorption of your cells. Keep your love ones well-hydrated and enjoy healthier and energized water.



With MAYU, we're striving to give everyone the chance to make clean water in their homes with no plastic involved. Our mission ties together the well-being of humans and the planet, providing the right connection. When you buy MAYU, you help build a better world, as part of the profits go to support water preservation initiatives. Let's enjoy water, let's enjoy life