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Bacteria in Water: How Water Filters Can Help

Bacteria are found everywhere, including in our water. Find out how to remove this bacteria with the use of home water filters here.

Cameron-Leigh Henning

 on August 1, 2022. 
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Bacteria are found everywhere, including in our water. Germs like to live and grow in stagnant water or in water that is not treated with adisinfectant like chlorine. Water contaminants can still occur even if the organic and inorganic impurities are removed. It has been shown that bottled water can also contain bacteria unless it has been distilled or carbonated.

That being said, how can you remove this bacteria?

Breakdown of the Bacterial Water Filtration Process

Somewater filters are more effective at removing bacteria than others, and the general rule is filters that remove chemicals often do not effectively remove germs and vice versa. The best methods for removing bacteria are chlorine (done at the treatment plant), UV light, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration.

  1. UV light UV lights kill almost all bacteria, but its effectiveness also depends on the size of the machine. Another drawback is that the dead microorganisms remain in the water.
  2. Distillation Distillation works by heating the water and capturing the vapor, which kills all bacteria. However, it alsoremoves everything that gives water its taste, resulting in dead water.
  3. Reverse osmosis Reverse osmosis pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure. It is very effective at removing bacteria but also removes essential minerals.
  4. Ultrafiltration The ultrafiltration process removes bacteria by letting the water flow through tiny hollow fibers. This method removes the microorganisms but retains theminerals in tap water.

How Frequently Should Water Filters Be Changed?

To maintain the highest quality of water, it is recommended to replace yourhome water filter every three to six months.

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