Mayu Swirl

Mayu Swirl


    MAYU 0.5L Glass Water Bottle + Free Shipping on Every Purchase!


    Make your water better with a swirling motion 

    Like drinking from a flowing river, Mayu Swirl will give your water that revitalizing fresh feel.

    Whether it's unfiltered tap water, filtered, Reverse Osmosis or distilled water, Mayu Swirl positively influences the physical and chemical characteristics of your drinking water!

    Infuse Oxygen - The swirling motion Infuses fresh atmospheric Oxygen to the water

    accelerate evaporation and release of volatile compounds from the water  such as chlorine, THM’s, CO2, unwanted odor and other VOC’s. 

    Raise pH Levels - the Outgassing of CO2 from water results in an increase in pH. 

    Improve Taste - The aeration process results in better tasting, sweeter, “silkier” water.


    Enhance the drinking experience for you and your loved ones

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    Worldwide specialists

    The MAYU Team

    A collective of experts spanning chemistry, engineering, culinary arts, and design, joined forces to actualize our vision of setting a groundbreaking benchmark for drinking water excellence.

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