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Editorial Policy

Mayu water is a company committed to restoring water to its natural, nutritional, and perfect state, to be enjoyed by people everywhere. The content we produce and publish delivers the insights, wisdom, and research to help make this goal a reality.

Our editorial team is directed by transparent, ethical, and structured guidelines delineated in this document. This editorial policy outlines the editorial principles and standards which inform our editorial practices and processes.

Editorial Principles

Quality Standards

The blogs, articles, and discussions found on our website are all expected to meet our standards of excellence. This is ensured by our careful recruitment of editors and writers, who require writing adeptness and objectivity, supported by experience.

Mayu Water allocates content topics to the best-suited writer from our network of writers who has the necessary subject knowledge and experience with water purification, water aeration, and environmental issues.

Furthermore, we employ a multi-structured and methodical system for writing and editing, with quality checks and quality control occurring at various stages of the content production process.


The information and resources published by Mayu Water are scientific and eco-conscious by nature. Therefore, to ensure the validity of our content, our claims are based on current research findings and reliable sources. Our team is also obligated to disclose any conflicts of interest to ascertain objective and impartial reporting.

There is also a system in place to verify information, claims, and facts supplied by our writers. We strive for complete accuracy at the time of reporting and periodically update, change, or supplement our posts to reflect current trends and developments in the industry.

Ease of Use

Another key objective of our content is that it is fully accessible, easy to navigate, and purposeful to our readers.

Complex concepts are communicated as simply and as clearly as possible. A top priority is to present resources and insights that will be of practical application and direct use to our valued readers.

Editorial Process

The content production and publication process is informed by the above values and standards and consists of the following systematic procedures:

Topic Outlining and Allocation

Content topics are carefully selected after the subjects have been researched and approved. Our editors outline the articles and blogs regarding their structure, focus, and purpose. Writers are then allocated the topics based on their individual suitability for writing on the subject.

Fact-Checking and Quality Assurance

To ensure the accuracy and validity of our content, editors will manually fact-check and verify every article, blog, and post before being published.

Our skilled editors are also responsible for rigorously editing and proofreading all content to meet our quality standards.


Our writing and editorial team ensures the credibility of our content by supporting claims with evidence and, where applicable, research findings.

We practice due diligence to fully and accurately credit the sources that make direct or indirect contributions to our content. This is in alignment with our zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

We also encourage our readers to explore topics further by referencing our sources.

Amendments, Updating, and Corrections

The writers and editors responsible for Mayu Water’s content stay abreast of the latest news and developments related to water quality and wellness through water. Our articles and blogs are periodically reviewed, and changes may be made to reflect new insights, trends, research, etc. Content may be added, altered, omitted, or supplemented to remain valid, current, and trustworthy.

While we take every measure to establish and maintain the accuracy of our content, we still welcome feedback from our readers. Should you encounter any factually incorrect or outdated information, please contact us with your comments and concerns by emailing info@mayuwater.com.

Mayu Water is not affiliated with any third parties. Any links to third-party sources, information, products, or services are not published for financial or other compensation or benefit.

Mayu Water is not responsible for reviewing, verifying, examing, or evaluating the accuracy, currency, or completeness of third-party information, facts, data, research, or claims.

Your use of third-party links and their websites, information, services, or products is entirely at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any consequences stemming from their use.

We strongly advise that you familiarize yourself with third parties' policies and terms and conditions before making transactions.

Terms of Use

The content and resources published on Mayu Water’s website may be read, formatted, downloaded, and printed for personal use only. We prohibit the distribution, republication, resale, and exploitation of our content for commercial purposes or gain without our prior written consent.


The information published by Mayu Water is not a substitute for the expert knowledge, advice, and recommendations of trained professionals. We strongly recommend consulting with industry experts and primary or scientific sources before making any health, research-related, or other important decisions.


Mayu Water does not assume liability for publishing outdated, incomplete, or incorrect data or any content with inaccuracies.

Furthermore, Mayu Water will not be held accountable for any direct, indirect, or incidental injuries, harm, losses, damages, or other consequences following the use of our content. You use the information on our site entirely at your own risk.