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About Mayu Water Writers Team

Mayu Water's in-house writers are experts on the topic of water—specifically enhancing the taste of water, water structuring, mineralizing, and improving water quality in general. Mayu Water’s writers make sure to create content useful to our readers to help them understand everything about the water they drink and offer solutions depending on readers’ specific requirements regarding water quality.

About Mayu's Editorial Process

Mayu's dedicated team is passionate about all things related to water and more specifically, structured water. We are committed to delivering valuable insights, information, and in-depth knowledge on the topic of water and its various forms. Our mission is to inform and empower individuals with accurate and up-to-date information to help them make informed decisions related to water and structured water. We carefully curate our content from reliable sources within the industry, always providing proper attribution when citing external information. Each piece of content undergoes rigorous review and editing to ensure it meets our standards of excellence in the world of water. Explore our Editorial Policy to delve deeper into our principles and procedures for providing valuable information about water and structured water.

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