Viktor Schauberger: Forefather of Biomimicry, Structured Water and Vortex Technology

Viktor Schauberger:  Forefather of Biomimicry, Structured Water and Vortex Technology

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was an Austrian forester, naturalist, and inventor who dedicating his life to understanding the natural world. Schauberger observed and learned from the untouched aspects of nature, unlike his contemporaries, who were preoccupied with the burgeoning industrial revolution and its mechanistic approach. Schauberger pioneering ideas, particularly about water and vortex energy, were revolutionary, offering insights that are still being explored and appreciated today.

Our Personal angle: At MAYU Water, we hold Viktor Schauberger in high esteem, considering him the forefather of biomimicry, a principle that lies at the core of our philosophy and product development. Schauberger's visionary work inspires us to keep our products as close to nature as possible, harnessing the inherent wisdom of natural water flow and vortex energy to enhance water quality and vitality. His pioneering studies on structured water resonate deeply with our mission, guiding us in creating water solutions that not only mimic but also celebrate the intricate dance of nature. Through our commitment to biomimicry, we strive to honor Schauberger's legacy, ensuring that each innovation brings us closer to a future where technology and nature exist in harmony, providing pure, life-enhancing water to all.

Viktor Schauberger, pioneered the study of structured water and vortex energy


  • Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist, pioneered the study of structured water and vortex energy, emphasizing harmony with nature.
  • Introduced "structured water," advocating for its life-supporting properties and natural occurrence in vortices.
  • Innovated vortex power for eco-friendly energy, creating inventions like the Repulsine.
  • Schauberger's ideas laid groundwork for sustainable tech in water purification and energy.
  • Celebrated for environmental contributions; his principles inspire modern eco-friendly innovations.
  • At MAYU Water, he's the biomimicry forefather, guiding our nature-mimicking product development for water vitality and sustainability.

The Essence of Structured Water
At the heart of Schauberger's work was his profound understanding of water, not just as a physical substance but as a living entity with its own intrinsic properties and behaviors. He coined the term "structured water" to describe water in its most natural state, free from pollution and human interference, characterized by its hexagonal molecular structure. This form of water, Schauberger argued, is what supports life with its superior qualities, including enhanced hydration and increased solubility for minerals and nutrients.

Schauberger observed that structured water occurs naturally in spring water and in the vortices that form in rivers and streams as they meander through the landscape. He believed that the modern treatment of water, with its straight pipes and chemical processes, strips water of its vitality and life-supporting qualities.

The Power of the Vortex
Perhaps Schauberger's most fascinating contribution to science and technology was his study of the vortex - a natural phenomenon that he saw as key to understanding and harnessing nature's energy. He observed that water naturally flows in meandering paths and creates vortices, which are crucial for maintaining its vitality and structure. Through his research, Schauberger developed several inventions that mimicked this natural motion, aiming to create energy in an environmentally friendly way.

His most famous invention, the Repulsine, was designed to harness the power of the vortex to create propulsion and energy. While the full potential of this and other inventions was never fully realized in his lifetime, Schauberger's work laid the foundation for modern research into vortex energy and its applications in water purification, energy generation, and even in the design of efficient machinery.

Embodying Viktor Schauberger's pioneering studies on structured water and vortex energy, the water swirls around rocks and natural bends, forming mesmerizing vortices that symbolize the vitality and purity of nature's most essential resource.

Legacy and Modern Relevance
Viktor Schauberger's work was far ahead of his time, and it wasn't until decades after his death that the significance of his discoveries began to be fully appreciated. Today, with growing awareness of the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, his ideas are experiencing a resurgence.

Researchers and engineers are exploring the principles of structured water for improving water quality and health. The concept of using vortex energy is also gaining traction in various fields, including alternative energy generation and ecological restoration projects.

Schauberger's vision of working in harmony with nature's principles, rather than attempting to dominate and exploit, offers a powerful model for addressing some of today's most pressing environmental challenges. His legacy reminds us that sometimes, the most innovative solutions come from observing and mimicking the natural world around us.

In conclusion, Viktor Schauberger was a visionary who saw the world in a different light. His innovative discoveries about structured water and the use of vortex power continue to inspire and challenge us to think differently about our relationship with nature and the technologies we develop. As we face increasing environmental challenges, Schauberger's work serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a more sustainable and harmonious way of living on this planet.