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Structured water

Structured water, sometimes called magnetized or hexagonal water, refers to water with a structure that has been altered to form a hexagonal cluster.

How? the vortex keeps the water in motion, like in nature. This way, all water in the vessel are in touch with oxygen, not only the top surface, reorganizes its molecular structure, unlocking its full potential. The more oxygen in the water, the more it nurtures and hydrates the cells in our body.

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Toast to better taste

Flavourings? mixing? coulring? boiling? bottling? or avoiding water?

The real magic of aeration only comes into focus when you taste MAYU water’s silky sweetness. Gone the odors and chlorine. Gone are the harsh flavors. MAYU water is softer, tastier rebalanced water that your body instantly responds to.

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Inspired by nature

Backed By Science

Scientific experiments have revealed the remarkable capabilities of the Swirl. In less than 10 minutes, it has proven to elevate dissolved oxygen levels to complete saturation, surpassing 90%. Moreover, it effectively reduces the presence of chlorine in the water and balance the pH level.

2 years guarantee

The gift of water

MAYU is incredibly proud of our products and offer 2 years guarantee. If your Swirls is not functioning properly, simply approach our amazing team, to repair or replace free of charge.