At Mayu, we talk a lot about butterflies.

Specifically, how technology can create a type of metamorphosis capable of transforming us from people who consume nature to those who nurture nature.

For us, water is sacred. It's one of the most rare elements in the universe and it makes up the majority of our planet, our bodies, and our minds.

Most of us were taught as children that stagnant water is bad and water in motion is good. This truth hasn't changed. And it's represented in the way we enable our customers to purify, detoxify and mineralize their drinking water.

This is why Mayu exists: enable people to create the healthiest, mineral-rich water at home. By creating your own mineral water, you’re giving back to nature, not taking from it.

Our products are made in collaboration with gifted scientists and technologists, we have started something that is benefiting the health of communities and waterways all around the world.

As we continue to invent new, cost-effective, and beautiful "butterfly" water conservation technologies, you can count on us to only use responsible methods for developing materials, methods and processes that do not harm people or nature. This makes us proud. It makes our kids proud.