Essential Minerals Drops
Essential Minerals Drops
Essential Minerals Drops
Essential Minerals Drops

Essential Minerals Drops

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Contains: Magnesium, Chloride, and (Low) Sodium and 72 Organic Ionic Trace Minerals mixed in varying amounts. 

All-Natural: no added preservatives, flavors, sugar, or sweeteners. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free.

Borosilicate Glass Dropper: infuse 8 drops (0.4ml) to 34 Oz (1 Liter) of water

Volume: 1 Fl Oz / 30 mL. Essential minerals supply for 15 Gallon (60 Liter)

Dimensions‏: ‎ 1.18 x 1.18 x 3.94 inches; 3.21 Ounces

Made in: the USA in an NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Optimal Vitality Achieved

Revitalize Your Body

MAYU Essential Blend is an all-natural supplement designed to replenish your body with essential minerals. Made in the USA in an NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility, our vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free liquid form formula is a perfect choice for those seeking healthier and faster absorption.


72 Organic Ionic Trace Minerals

Unlock a world of wellness with MAYU Water Essential Blends and their 72 ionic trace minerals. Calcium strengthens bones and muscles, while magnesium boosts energy and promotes cardiovascular health. Potassium maintains fluid balance and supports heart function. Zinc and iron power your immune system and oxygen transport. Iodine and phosphorus ensure proper thyroid function and energy production. Sodium maintains fluid balance, and boron supports brain health. Finally, silica enhances your skin, hair, and nails. Experience the full spectrum of benefits and nurture your body's vitality with these essential minerals.


Beyond Filtration

If you drink filtered water, especially through a reverse osmosis system, you may be missing out on vital minerals. Waterdrop Essential Blend acts as a perfect supplement to remineralize your water, ensuring you receive the essential nutrients your body needs. Start remineralizing your filtered water.


No Additives, Just Health

We believe in providing only the best for your health. That's why our product contains no added preservatives, flavors, sugar, or sweeteners. That’s not all. The Essential minerals are sourced from 4 continents, ensuring a diverse array of premium elements for your health. Crafted with Culinary Specialists, it guarantees exceptional natural taste.


Effortless Replenishment

Effortless Replenishment: Simplify your routine with our Easy-to-Use Liquid Drops. Only four drops with our calibrated glass dropper into 17 ounces (0.5L) of water deliver a powerful punch. Each bottle of MAYU Essential holds 30 ml of hyper-concentrated minerals, enough to enhance over 15 gallons of water. Unlock the potential of every drop.


Healthier Hydration