Water Love Association

The Water Love Association

Behind everything we do at Mayu, there is one ultimate mission: improving the lives of people around the world by improving their connection to water.

Mayu offers the opportunity to drink water as nature intended, in every home, without compromising on quality or taste. We wish to fix the way humanity consumes drinking water. Instead of draining natural water sources by pumping them dry, then pouring it into plastic bottles, and shipping it great lengths to the customer - we wish to enable people to create their own spring water at home.

As we began this journey we were three partners: the two of us and water.

Realizing that this is a global effort, we choose to partner, donate and support local projects that are working to solve our planets water crisis like World Water LawHi-Teach - A cross-cultural water-inspired multi-disciplinary educational program for schools and other water love associate projects.