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What Is Vortexing Water?

One method to create structured water is through vortexing. Learn more about vortexing water and its benefits here.

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Updated September 5, 2023.

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Structured water is where the water molecules form a hexagonal cluster—sharing similarities with pure water uncontaminated by human processes.

What Does It Mean to Vortex Water?

In nature, a vortex is a way to accumulate and transfer energy. A vortex has the ability to restore natural energy patterns to something that has been disturbed.

Vortices transfer the electromagnetic frequencies of water back to their original and structured state. When water flows through a vortex, there is an implosion that brings life back to the water. Vortexing water charges it, allowing it to hold vital energy.

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What Makes Vortex Water Different?

Because vortex water is essentially structured water, the chemical composition is different. Ordinary water has a chemical formula of H2O, while structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2. It is energetically charged and has properties of viscosity, alkalinity, and denseness.

The energy contained in structured water recharges the body and is more easily absorbed by cells, leading to better hydration. Structured water helps the cells of the body recover quicker and boosts energy by encouraging immune system functioning and longevity.

Vortex water has been proven to eliminate and significantly reduce chlorine, bacteria, nitrates, and other forms of toxins from water, making it safer for us to drink and less harmful to the body.

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How a Water Vortex Works

A water vortex works by allowing the water to flow in a natural swirling motion. This aerates the water, which increases the transfer of gas between it and the atmospheric air, resulting in an infusion of oxygen, the release of volatile compounds, raised pH levels, and improved taste.

Swirl Your Way to A Healthier Water With MAYU Swirl

The MAYU Swirl water pitcher applies innovative vortex technology creating a constant whirlpool motion. The swirling motion, i.e., vortex infuses oxygen into the water, rebalances the water's pH levels, and removes chlorine.

This vortexing action helps to align the water molecules, creating a more organized and energized structure. This results in water that is more hydrating, easier to absorb, and more beneficial for overall health and wellness.

How MAYU Swirl works:

  • Rebalances and restructures the water to optimize its benefits
  • Elevates the quality of your drinking water
  • Enhances the natural taste and texture of water
  • Improves oxygenation levels for a refreshing experience
  • Eliminates chlorine and reduces bacterial buildup for safer water

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