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Everything There Is to Know About Structured Water

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Updated August 30, 2023.

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Water is at the top of the list when it comes to human survival—the life-giving substance that we need every single day. There are so many different kinds of water in this day and age, so it can be tricky to know which is the most beneficial. We have put together all the important information you need to know about structured water and its benefits in this article.

What Does "Structured Water" Mean?

Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, refers to water molecules that form a hexagonal cluster. It is believed that structured water is very similar, if not the same, as pure, untouched, and uncontaminated water found in glacier melts and natural springs.

Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means it has three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules—different from the normal H2O formula.

Structured water is thicker, denser, and more viscous than normal water and can store and release energy. The molecules of structured water are believed to have a higher vibrational charge, which is more beneficial for the human body and results in increased hydration.

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Is Structured Water Safe to Drink?

Structured water is safe to drink and is considered more beneficial than processed water. The processes involved in restoring water to its structured state are also harmless. The benefits of structured water are more effective for our health.

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Health Benefits of Structured Water

The most popular benefits of structured water include the following:

  • Helps the cells of the body recover quicker
  • Detoxifies the body of toxic chemicals and harmful frequencies
  • Manages stress by increasing organ activity and enhancing resilience
  • Boosts energy by encouraging immune system functioning and longevity
  • Easier absorption by the body, which improves hydration
  • Supports the immune system by promoting optimal bioavailability of nutrients

How Is Water Structured in Nature

When water molecules bond in a hexagonal pattern, they create H3O2, allowing for more efficient hydration and faster energy movement. Natural springs, tumbling streams, rain, exposure to sunlight, and balanced minerals are natural ways water is structured to create a hexagonal pattern. Here is a list of everything that reinforces H3O2:

  • Healthy plants, soil, and microbes
  • Organic fruit and vegetables with a high water content
  • Sunlight and moonlight
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Gemstones that resonate with water
  • Balanced minerals in the correct equilibrium
  • Copper vessels
  • Vortexes

While structured water will remain structured until it is disturbed by something that breaks the H3O2 bonds, it is most energized and hydrating when it comes straight out of your structuring device, so it is best to drink it as soon as possible to reap all the benefits.

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How Long Does Water Stay Structured For?

When entering the world of structured water, people often wonder how long the water stays structured—the answer depends entirely on the environment the water is exposed to.

Put simply, structured water stays structured until something de-structures it.

When water is exposed to unnatural energies, toxins, contaminants, and chemicals, it loses its structure, and the energized bonds created when forming H3O2 are broken. Basically, the H3O2 compounds will stay intact until they touch something that is strong enough to disorganize the molecules, including the following:

  • Chemicals
  • Prolonged stagnation (more than seven days)
  • Filtration or water-softening systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Microwaving water to heat it
  • Plastic storage containers such as bottled water
  • Exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves or fields
  • Exposure to high electromagnetic fields
  • Forcing it through long straight pipes

Can You Make Your Own Structured Water?

It is possible to make structured water from the comfort of your own home—check out our blog on making structured water for a more in-depth guide. In short—water can be returned to its structured form using several different methods, including:

  • Magnetizing it through a process called vortexing
  • Exposing the water to natural heat and energy like sunlight
  • Exposing the water to ultraviolet or infrared light
  • Storing the water in a gemstone water bottle
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Should You Drink Structured Water?

Structured water does the body no harm and actually comes with a long list of health benefits, including increased energy and hydration levels. Making your own structured water is simple and easy, however, it might be an even easier option to purchase a structuring device so you can enjoy all the benefits of this amazing H3O2 at all times.

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