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Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem?

Israel has advanced water quality regulations, which include water being tested at the source, at the treatment facilities, and at the supply systems.

Cameron-Leigh Henning

 on September 12, 2022. 
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Michelle Meyer

The tap water in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is safe to drink. Bottled water is widely available for those who wish to consume it, but the Ministry of Health recommends drinking tap water. The tap water in Israel comes from a few different sources, including coastal aquifers, mountain aquifers, Lake Kinneret, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. Before drinking water is supplied to the public, it's disinfected and treated to make sure it's thehealthiest water.

How Is Tap Water Quality Guaranteed in Israel?

The Ministry of Health is responsible for ensuring that the water in Israel is safe to drink, quality standards are adhered to, and updated regulations are enforced. These regulations include thatwater sources are tested in laboratories before they're approved as safe to drink. The laboratories test for over 130 different components, including tests foravoiding microplastics and keepingminerals in tap water.

The regulations state that:

  • If a water source fails to meet the standard of quality required or has been contaminated, it cannot be used as a drinking water supply.
  • Water treatment plants are constantly monitored by measurement instruments and regularly checked in laboratory tests. The results are reported to the Ministry of Health.
  • Supply systems (pipelines, water towers, reservoirs) are constantly monitored by the water suppliers.
  • All water supplied as drinking water is treated with chlorine. Strict regulations are in place to ensure the quantity of chlorine remains at a safe level.


The water regulations in Israel are among some of the most advanced in the world, ensuring clean tap water. However, awater filter can also be utilized to ensure you are drinking the best possible water.

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