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Elevate Your Wine Experience With the Swirl

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Updated June 12, 2023.

Mayu Swirl holding red wine with a bottle of wine behind it on a table

It's true.

The MAYU Swirl was initially designed to aerate water and water alone. However, we recently started receiving unexpected positive feedback from wine experts claiming that it does great things for wine too.

Aging Wine With Aeration

Incorporating oxygen ages the wine by breaking down tannins for a smoother drinking experience. Jay Kam, the owner of Vintage Wine Cellar and Vintage Wine Vault, says the MAYU Swirl "incorporates oxygen into the wine dramatically faster than any other device I've seen."

He explains, "For older wines, it is generally an issue of waking them up from their slumber, which is usually a shorter time. For young wines, you can get a good approximation of the wine's whole life span in an hour or two in the MAYU."

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What Sets the Swirl Apart

There are a few distinct differences between the Swirl and other aerators and wine decanters on the market.

Several of the aerators you'll find online are single-pour aerators that can only be used for a single glass of wine at a time. While they do aerate the wine, it is limited. You have no control over the length of aeration or the outcome. With the MAYU Swirl, however, you can aerate as much or as little as you want.

Pouring Wine Into the MAYU Swirl

MAYU Swirl

4.8/5(818 reviews)

No More Waiting

A fine-aged wine that just needs to be awakened may take five minutes, or your palate may prefer 15 minutes or more. With a young wine, you can take an adventure through time, appreciating the wine at different stages of its life.

Jay explains, "You don't have to wait 20 years to try that bottle on your shelf." A collector can unlock their cellar and enjoy the bottles that they usually have to walk past.

The Swirl: Functional and Stylish

The MAYU Wine Swirl has a rechargeable battery, so you can put it at the center of the table or take it with you for a candlelit dinner at the park. Not only does it do amazing things to the taste of your wine, but it's also beautiful and mesmerizing to look at. It makes for an original and memorable centerpiece to wow any guest.

Control Your Wine Experience

Although all wine aerators fulfill the same purpose, the Swirl gives you control over your wine experience. In Master Sommelier Roberto Viernes's words, "It's like having a time machine. You get to experience the evolution of the wine without the wait."

Eager to try out the Swirl? Start your wine adventure with Mayu Swirl.

Cheers to your next fine wine experience!

MAYU Swirl

4.8/5(818 reviews)