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10 Health Benefits of Structured Water for Your Family

Curious why structured water is trending in health circles? Meet structured water—the hydration hero packed with hidden benefits.

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Updated March 25, 2024.

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Structured water has molecules that form a hexagonal cluster. It shares similarities with water that we haven't contaminated or filtered yet. Its original form comes from natural and unpolluted sources like mountain springs and glacier melts.

But, it's believed that molecules can be altered to form EZ water, which returns it to the naturally structured frequency. That's why we'll discuss its benefits for your family's health.

What Makes Structured Water Unique?

The water that flows out of our taps goes through treatment that destroys its vibrational and chemical structure.

The chemical formula for water is H2O, which means each molecule has two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. On the other hand, structured has one more hydrogen atom, which energizes the water with viscosity, alkalinity, and denseness.

Structured water stands out from different types because its molecules have more electrical charge, which is vital for cell functioning. You can make it with the help of Mayu Swirl.

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10 Health Benefits of Structured Water

1. Fresh and Invigorating Taste

Structured water tastes better than tap or filtered. Its surface tension is lower, which prevents bitterness. Many people describe the taste as smooth, sweet, clean, and soft.

2. Optimal Hydration

Because of its hexagonal structure, you absorb EZ water more efficiently. You'll be better hydrated, reducing your fatigue and making your hair dry, clean, smooth, and glossy. Your skin will also keep your skin healthy.

3. Improved Weight Management

A healthy digestive system helps maintain weight and promote weight loss. Structured water enables you to shed pounds by improving digestion, eliminating constipation, and strengthening gut microbiology.

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4. Detoxification

Proper hydration helps detoxify the body, and structured water speeds up the process because its molecules can move efficiently across cell membranes. The result is that any toxins within disappear because the body eventually flushes them out.

5. Increased Immune System Function

Structured water boosts the immune system and longevity. It does this by promoting optimal bioavailability of nutrients, making it easier for the cells to absorb oxygen for optimal functioning of your system.

6. Better for Your Pets

Giving your pet EZ water will increase their immune support and detox their bodies. It enables better reception and absorption of minerals and nutrients on a cellular level.

The increased vitamins and minerals bolster the body's metabolism and residue excretion. Structured water also provides deep intracellular hydration and optimized mineral uptake.

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8. Cartilage and Disc Regeneration

The pressure of daily activities takes water from the stores in the discs, which degenerates cartilage. The result is pain while moving.

Increasing the water's pH levels will help rehydrate the discs, allowing them to regain their cushioning quality, size, and shape. Proper hydration also washes away any toxins in the joints.

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9. Cell Recovery

Hydrating helps the cells recover faster, as water is a vital building block in every body cell. Structured water can hold an energy charge, saving the body on a cellular level. As a result, you can use this energy without processing it.

10. Increased Energy Levels

The human body requires sustainable, balanced, long-lasting energy. EZ water increases the mitochondrial output in the body, which helps your cells function efficiently. Plus, it helps absorb minerals to increase energy, which works better than caffeine.

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Reap the Health Benefits of Structured Water

Structured water benefits your overall well-being. Drinking it makes it easier for your body to absorb optimum minerals and vitamins to stay hydrated.

Structured water gives our bodies the energy required to live a quality life in a safe and fresh-tasting way. And the best way to access structured water and reap these benefits with your family is to make it at home easily using the MAYU Swirl.