An Onyx Art Piece

An Onyx Art Piece

We'd like to invite you to take a closer look at the unique interpretations of Onyx Swirl through the creative vision of Swiss-Israeli International Artist Amos Roger.
In his newest photography series, he has managed to capture an elegant expression of this enigmatic design.

Viewers have found a sense of balance and fluidity that transcends mere imagery into something both intimate and expansive. Whether from far away or close up, each photograph creates a powerful effect that adds new perspectives to what was once known as Onyx Swirl.

We invite you to come experience this series of photographs for yourself. We think it will add a new level of appreciation and beauty in your life. Come be inspired by the artistic power of this artist's creation!

"Unconventional Print-made" / Roger Amos, Zurik 2013

"I am most interested in the art of printing.

Printing is an artistic challenge that integrates various technically processes in order to make a thought into reality. Despite the great importance of technique, a printed creation must first of all start with the formulation of an idea. I

am interested in the stamping of the printed substrate which, as the conclusion of positive and negative processes, creates a connection with the original substrate.

I decided to rely on traditional printmaking tools and tried to print outside the space of the printing and press workshop, which limits the reproduction size and format. By combining the use of rolling paint for the physical printing on the substrate and the frottage method"

This photo series features the Onyx Swirl with the "Unconventional Print-made" artwork.

In the printmaking technique, it is commonly thought that the heavy equipment and the press limit the artist to work within 4 walls. 'Unconventional Print-made' is the outcome of Roger attempt to make this process outdoors, by carving on wood and systematically repeating the print on one-meter-long vellums, which allowed to bring nature and the environment inside.

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"Untitled" / Roger Amos, Tel Aviv 2023

This photo series was inspired by the work of the Swiss Postwar & Contemporary artist Peter Emch (Woodcuts, 1999).


The creation of the Onyx base was inspired by the dark charcoal rock and enboy, heavy blackish or very dark brown timber from a mainly tropical tree.

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