The Science Behind the Oxygenation

The Science Behind the Oxygenation

The Science Behind the MAYU Swirl

Have you ever wondered about the optimum quality of water?

Water in nature has a high amount of dissolved oxygen, which is essential for healthy hydration and a refreshing taste - the qualities the Swirl is designed to mimic.

Many of you have asked us how we test and how we know the effectiveness of our product.

Today, I'm excited to share the results of a rigorous experiment testing the effectiveness of the Swirl in increasing water quality:

In turn, the evaporation of CO2 and the increase of oxygen levels result in the improvement of the alkalinity of the water, or in other words - the balance of the pH levels.
The swirl is particularly effective in this plane, but its effect varies greatly depending on the source of the water.

The experiment tested a sample of water from different resources, such as tap water, Reverse Osmosis (RO), etc. before and after using the MAYU Swirl device, measuring the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water.

The results showed that MAYU Swirl was able to increase dissolved oxygen levels to full saturation (higher than 90%) in less than ten minutes, which is 6,000 faster than water that stands still!

The experiment also found that the Swirl is particularly effective in evaporating chlorine, which is one of the volatile substances that are usually added to water by the authorities.

Of course, adding chlorine to the water is important to prevent the formation of bacterial colonies in the water, but it is highly desirable to remove it before the water enters the human body.


Finally, a series of tastings and experiments conducted by MAYU found that adding oxygen to water also affects the taste and texture of drinking water.

In a double-blind tasting experiment (both the 'bartender' and the samplers did not know which water they were drinking), the majority of the subjects chose MAYU Water as the tastiest water!