Bring your Water

Back to Life

Similar to nature, the Swirl increases dissolved oxygen in tap, filtered, and bottled water 6,000 times faster than water that is left still – resulting in rich-texture, pH-balanced and structured water.

Swirl SqureDance - Mayu Water
immediate benefits

Healthier Hydration

The MAYU Swirl encourages more drinking, reducing dehydration headaches, improving sleep quality, and enhancing metabolism. Stay focused, sleep soundly, and digest better with MAYU Swirl.

MAYU Swirl
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl - Mayu Water
MAYU Swirl

MAYU Swirl

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The Ultimate Hydration Solution To Enhance Drinking Water Quality:

⭐​​ Health Benefits: Helps avoid dry skin, insomnia & dehydration headaches.
⭐​​ Structured Water Device for faster H2O absorption
⭐​​ Delicious-Tasting Water
⭐​​ Drink More: Our Top Feedback is "My Family Drinks More with the Swirl
⭐​​ Hand-Blown Borosilicate Grade-A Glass
⭐​​ Mastercrafted Pure Porcelain
⭐​​ USB-Rechargeable
2 Years Guarantee

The whirlpool motion recaptures lost vitality by allowing oxygen to balance and alkalize your water 6,000 times faster.

The Beauty of

Structured Water

Studies have shown that just 7 minutes of swirling can prompt water molecules to return to their natural synchronized shape, AKA Structured Water. This shape is recognized by the cells in our body, making it easier for water to penetrate and effectively hydrate the cells.

With every purchase


We're striving to give everyone the chance to make clean water in their homes. When you buy MAYU, you help build a better world, as part of the profits go to support water preservation initiatives. Let's enjoy water, let's enjoy life.

Toast to

better taste

The real magic of aeration only comes into focus when you taste MAYU water’s silky sweetness. Gone the odors and chlorine. Gone are the harsh flavors. MAYU water is softer, tastier and rebalanced.

Why Aerate?

Oxygen Enhancement

In nature, water is naturally infused with dissolved oxygen. Much like the aeration process employed in winemaking, allowing water to breathe initiates a transformative journey. Through rigorous testing with water sourced from various locations, the efficacy of the MAYU Swirl system in augmenting oxygen levels has been established

Mineral Deficiency

Essential Nutrients

When water is purified thoroughly, it is stripped of all additives, including essential minerals necessary for human health. MAYU Essential Blend is an 100% natural supplement designed to replenish your body with essential minerals that should have been in you water.