Technical Issues - Quick Troubleshooting

We’re sorry to hear your Mayu isn’t working properly and we’re here to help you solve it and make it work.

The most effective and environmentally-friendly solution to the problem would be to contact us and include the following information:

- How long has the product been in your possession and in use?
- Did the issue occur right away or after some time? How long?

If possible, it would be a tremendous help if you could take a short video according to these guidelines (it's the most effective way to diagnose and treat the problem).

Ensure you are filming in a quiet space while filming (we really like music but a quiet background helps to diagnose accurately)

1 - Make sure the video includes both sides of the charging cable:
one side should be connected to a power source, and the other one connected to the magnet part on the porcelain base.

2 - Fill the carafe with 1.5L of water and place it on the base. Make sure the metal plate is facing down. 
Gently touch the ceramic button, several times.

3 - while shooting, please include Mayu’s logo visible (the one that’s on the glass container). It offers the indication we need for the exact manufacturer of the series your unit belongs to.

4 - Lift the carafe off the base and set it aside. Now, using your hand, press gently on the porcelain base 3 times - for at least
3 seconds each time.

5 - Turn the base over and film the metal plate on the bottom of the unit.It is important that we’ll be able to read the serial number on the plate clearly.

We sincerely appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation. Thank you!

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