The Mayu Story

When ordinary turns extraordinary  

For us, water is sacred. It's one of the rarest elements in the universe, flowing and cycling through earth since the beginning of time, making up the majority of our planet, our bodies, and our minds.
Water is the source of all life.

But how much do we know about the water that we drink?
Are we aware of the incredible influence it has on our daily life?
On the importance, it holds in the cohesion of our mind & body?

Inspired by the beauty and wisdom of this fantastic element, we began our journey with Mayu.

We are Shay and Ze'ev, neighbours in a tiny village across the Mediterranean sea. Each one with his own sweet family and young kids that consume lots of water day by day. 

How can we give our children better water to drink?
How can we save the water sources across the planet from the increasing pollution of plastic waste and other chemicals?
These questions had to be answered.

So we decided to let the children be our compass and the water be our guide.
Throughout the years, we've been diving deep into water research, observation. Trying to understand the secrets of its movement, different tastes, and qualities.

We were very concerned with each passing day, learning more about humanity's single-use plastic consumption consequences.
Billions of people are drinking low-quality, and even harmful water day by day, while 1.3 billion more plastic bottles are discarded each and every day, polluting our drinking water. 
This harmful cycle must stop!

mayu water vortex

Welcome to the new wave  

This is the first step in a long journey of making a change, the beginning of a water revolution.
It is about changing the way we consume and perceive water.
Creating a new standard of supreme quality, taste, and texture.
A superior hydration experience - inspired by the wisdom of nature
and supported by advanced technology and careful design. 

We have a goal: to return the beauty and health of pure living water to every home,
bring back the reverence for this rare and unique element while eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.