This is why we do what we do.

Our (and your) children.

Four years ago, we set out to find a good water solution for our kids.
We took our idea to Kickstarter hoping to raise $30K to prove our concept. We raised $515,833 from 3,986 backers! With that funding, our company was born.

Today, our kids continue to be our compass. They love drinking water and we love to see people come alive when they see the Swirl in motion for the first time.

Water is our life. Literally.

Long before we had children, we were obsessed with the beauty and power of water.
 For years, we begin every day in water. Most often the sea, but also local natural springs. We have invested years researching the intricate and powerful force of water in nature. Awareness of what goes into our bodies.
 We know so much about organic foods and “artisan” beverages. But nothing about water? Fresh water has a taste! People don’t know this because they haven’t experienced it. Oxygenated and mineral-rich water must replace the norm of drinking stagnant, toxic water.

Ending single-use plastic pollution for good.

We are saddened by the amount of plastic on our beaches and our sources for drinking water. We cannot expect our children to come up with a solution. We must act now. We have joined forces with Billion Bottles and will invite you to do the same, soon.