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Are There Minerals in Water That Can Kill Viruses?

Drinking water naturally contains some very important essential minerals that aid the body with its overall functioning and fighting viruses and infection.

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Published September 12, 2022.

There are many debates about the minerals in tap water. Some people believe that they're found in such small amounts they play no major role in our wellbeing, while others believe they're crucial for our health because essential minerals fight viruses and protect the body from infection and disease.

Essential Minerals in Water That Kill Viruses and Support Immunity

Good nutrition, including the essential minerals found in drinking water, plays an important role in preventing viral infections and boosting the immune system.


Zinc plays a key role in preventing virus replication because it inhibits the enzyme that causes the replication of RNA viruses. Additionally, Zinc helps the body produce interferon, which leads the immune system to attack the virus. Zinc also improves mucin production and maintains epithelial tissue, which prevents the virus from entering the body in the first place.


Selenium is an essential mineral for activating glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme. When the levels of oxidative stress are too high in the body, selenium helps the lymphocytes in the body fight the infection. Optimum levels of selenium result in reduced oxidative stress and stronger immune response.


Copper also helps the body fight oxidative stress and improve T-cell proliferation, meaning the body is able to make more antibodies to fight infection and viruses.


Manganese, along with zinc, aids in mucin production, which helps prevents viruses from entering the body in the first place. Manganese also enhances the ability of the body's killer cells to terminate any cells infected with a virus.


There are many benefits of minerals in water. They support many bodily functions such as aiding the body in fighting viruses, contributing to heart health, supporting bones and joints, and keeping the brain working properly.