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10 Healthy Lemon Water Alternatives for a Morning Pick-Me-Up

Here are ten options to replace lemon water that are not only good for you but also refreshing

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By Maria J Baez Calderon
Milica Pešić
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Updated February 8, 2024.

A person squeezing lemons into a pitcher of water.

During my college years, I struggled to drink enough fluids because of my busy schedule. Furthermore, I didn't particularly enjoy the taste of plain water, which only made the situation worse. Luckily, a friend suggested that I try adding a few drops of lemon juice to it. This simple trick not only made it more enjoyable to drink, but it also had long-term health benefits.

At that time, I didn't know that drinking lemon water was popular. Nowadays, it's even available in restaurants.

Healthy Lemon Water Alternatives

  • Best overall alternative: Mayu Minerals Essential Drops
  • Best citrus alternative: Orange water
  • Best antiviral alternative: Apple cider vinegar water
  • Best anxiety relieving alternative: Lavender water
  • Best alternative for reducing inflammation: Cinnamon water
  • Best hydrating alternative: Melon water
  • Best alternative for enhanced memory: Rosemary water
  • Best alternative for omega-3 intake: Chia water
  • Best alternative for antioxidant intake: Blackberry water
  • Best alternative for protection from sun damage: Pomegranate water

1. Mayu Minerals Essential Drops

The stress of everyday life and poor nutritional choices, result in mineral deficiencies that affect health. Packaged in a small dropper that you can take everywhere, the MAYU essential blend is a natural solution for mineral requirements.

The process of adding minerals is effortless, as you can enjoy your water plain or mix it with other flavors. I had muscle cramps caused by a magnesium deficiency, but now they've disappeared.


  • A natural solution for mineral deficiencies
  • Portable with a small dropper design
  • Doesn't alter the water taste
  • Alleviates mineral deficiency symptoms effectively


  • Doesn't include potassium

2. Orange Water

Orange water reduces toxins in your body due to its high limonoid and carotenoid content. The fiber found in oranges can help remove cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels.

Additionally, orange water may prevent kidney stone formation because of its citrate content. However, it's important to note that orange water can be quite citric, which can lead to enamel depletion in teeth.


  • Reduces toxins with limonoid, and carotenoid
  • Removes cholesterol through fiber
  • Prevents kidney stone formation


  • Can cause enamel depletion
  • Citric content may irritate the stomach

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Water

This vinegar is created by fermenting apples with sugar and offers numerous benefits. One such benefit is its ability to improve glucose and insulin levels after consuming carbohydrates while also providing a sensation of fullness, which can lower calorie intake.

This can aid in reducing belly fat, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to lose weight.


  • Improves glucose, and insulin levels post-carbs
  • Provides a sensation of fullness
  • Aids in reducing belly fat


  • Acidity may irritate the stomach
  • Taste might be unappealing

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4. Lavender Water

For centuries, lavender water has been used in herbal medicine due to its relaxing properties. Research by National Library of Medicine shows that it is effective in improving sleep and mood for people of all ages. Personally, I find it helpful in soothing my headaches, migraines, and period cramps.

However, to experience the benefits, one needs a high concentration of lavender in the water, which can sometimes make it taste like perfume. Unfortunately, not everyone is fond of the taste.


  • Improves sleep and mood
  • Soothes headaches, migraines, cramps
  • Long history in herbal medicine


  • Requires high concentration for benefits
  • Taste may be unappealing

5. Cinnamon Water

A tasty drink that helps me with my period cramps due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you ever feel bloated, try drinking cinnamon water to aid digestion.

It is important to recall that cinnamon should be consumed at low concentrations, which may cause adverse effects instead of beneficial effects.


  • Alleviates period cramps effectively
  • Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol
  • Aids in digestion, reduces bloating


  • Requires careful dosage control
  • Possible adverse effects if misused

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6. Melon Water

Melon is my go-to post-workout hydrator due to its high water content and potassium levels that prevent cramps and soreness. They are also a great source for recovering from dehydration.


  • Excellent post-workout hydration
  • High potassium prevents cramping
  • Reduces next-day muscle soreness


  • May not replace electrolytes fully
  • Not a calorie-dense recovery option

7. Rosemary Water

The polyphenols in rosemary water boost metabolism, allowing fat burn and weight loss and suppressing appetite so that the diet can finally work.

On the other hand, one study by the National Library of Medicine found that the use of rosemary water/tea among college students may help reduce insomnia and anxiety, increasing cognitive performance.


  • Boosts metabolism for weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite-aiding and diet
  • Reduces insomnia, anxiety; enhances cognition


  • Taste may require acclimation
  • Effects noticed over time

8. Chia Water

According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, consuming 37 g of chia every day can help reduce inflammation. Chia is a superfood due to its antioxidant contents which can help to strengthen your immune system and eliminate free radicals.

While the slimy texture of chia water isn't my favorite, I still enjoy it for the fiber benefits.


  • Reduces inflammation significantly
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boosts immune system, adds fiber


  • Texture can be slimy
  • Taste may not appeal

9. Blackberry Water

In addition to its flavor, blackberry water is an excellent source of antioxidants that protect against cell damage. This kind of berry gives you an excellent plus of vitamins A, E, C, D, and K. Also combined with some herbs such as sage, you can have a great detox water.

Mostly, this is my January water, after all the food from the festivities, a detox month is an excellent idea.


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Provides various vitamins
  • Great for detoxification


  • Seasonal berry availability
  • May require added herbs

10. Pomegranate Water

One of the oldest sunscreen solutions is made from the high polyphenol content of this ancient healing remedy. It also promotes the synthesis of glutathione and protects the liver from cellular damage caused by oxidative stress.

The pomegranate is a highly seasonal fruit, only available during the summer season. However, it is a healthy option that can help you get a tan.


  • High polyphenol content
  • Promotes glutathione synthesis
  • Protects liver from oxidative damage


  • Highly seasonal availability
  • Limited to summer use

Sip Your Way to Wellness

By adding lemon juice to my water, not only did the taste improve, but I also learned about the many benefits of infused water. As I further explored this world, I found a variety of natural additions that each offered unique advantages.

This journey has taught me that infused water can make staying hydrated enjoyable while also providing a range of health benefits. I now appreciate the diversity of options available and continue to enjoy these refreshing concoctions for better health, one sip at a time.