“Drinking Water the Way Nature Intended: The Story of Mayu Water”

“Drinking Water the Way Nature Intended: The Story of Mayu Water”
Interview with Shay and Ze’ev,
Mayu Water founders.
(October 21, 2021)

Have you ever given much thought about the water you drink?


We tend to focus more on the food we eat, ensuring our produce is organic and our meat is grass-fed—all free of toxins and contaminants, just like Nature intended. Yet how many of us think about how Nature intended us to drink our water?

Take a moment to envision how water is found in natural settings. Imagine a river, a creek, or a spring. In Nature, water is always flowing, moving, and swirling. Even in large bodies of water, water always has an undercurrent of movement.


As water flows, it collects minerals from the Earth. Water from a spring or a river isn’t just H2O molecules—it’s full of minerals like magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium that all have health benefits.


Now imagine the water that comes out of your tap. To make its way to your home, it had to go through a water treatment process and long distances of pipes, where the water travels in straight lines and isn’t allowed its natural tendency to swirl.


You might be asking why it’s important to drink water that has been allowed to move the way Nature intended. Let’s dive into that now!






Your body is made up of 60% water. Water is important for nearly every function in your body. While you get a lot of your hydration from the foods you eat, the quality of water you drink matters significantly.


Unfortunately, many of our natural water sources are heavily contaminated, necessitating water treatments before ending up in our homes as tap water. However, tap water still contains a large number of contaminants, like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and microplastics, which means we should be further filtering our tap water at home to safeguard our health.


Yet because of all this filtration, tap water loses its natural “structure” and has been stripped of its mineral content. These minerals are necessary for your body’s cellular processes as well, and they’re an essential component of drinking water.


To drink water the way Nature intended, it’s important to drink “structured” water that contains minerals.



“Structured” or “living” water is water that forms hexagonal, honeycomb-shaped lattices (identifiable via microscopy) as it flows, spirals, and aerates in natural water sources like springs. This structured water acts like a gel inside living cells, which allows it to have more cell-hydrating capabilities than plain tap water. Structured water is also found in plants (like your fruits and vegetables) as well as your own living cells.


However, chemical sanitation and filtration de-structures water, rendering it essentially “lifeless,” as it has lost the living chemical structure that Nature imbued into it. So while filtered water is much healthier than tap water, it’s still not providing you with the benefits of living, structured water.


So how can you restore structure to your tap water in alignment with the way water exists in Nature?


The answer to this comes from Mayu Water, a company who is revolutionizing the way we drink water!






I had the pleasure of meeting with Shay and Ze’ev, the founders of Mayu Water—virtually, of course, as they are located across the Mediterranean Sea in a tiny village in Israel.


Shay and Ze’ev’s journey started when they set out to provide their young children with the best water possible. They realized we often give a lot of thought to what eat and what we put in our bodies, but we don’t put that same thought into the water we drink even though we consume a lot of water.


In Israel (and many other parts of the world), much of the pipelines are filled with contaminants like asbestos and lead. These contaminants make their way into our drinking water, which is why filtering your water is so important.


Ze’ev knew his tap water was full of these contaminants, so he started experimenting with different water filters. Even though he purified their water for his family, his 1-year-old daughter still didn’t want to drink it.


He started to realize that the water must be missing something. So he and Shay eventually realized that what was needed was Nature’s influence on the water.



Shay and Ze’ev realized that water is always flowing, moving, and swirling in its natural settings. But what was the significance of this motion?


They learned that the complex swirling motion of water creates aeration, which infuses oxygen back into the water. This swirling motion also aerates out carbon dioxide and volatile compounds like chlorine, naturally purifying it.


Water also carries elements like minerals from one place to another as it travels, as it is the "blood of Earth,” as Shay so poetically worded. The combination of swirling and mineralization changes the taste of the water, making it naturally sweet and silky. Without minerals, water is like “an unripe fruit,” said Ze’ev. 


Water’s intrinsic movement allows it to pick up minerals as it travels. Yet water interacts with everything it comes into contact with, including pipes and contaminants we wouldn’t want to be drinking.


The other problem with pipes is that they’re in a straight line. These pipes not only contaminate the water, but they confine water to a straight path that doesn’t allow it to swirl and aerate.


So Shay and Ze’ev created the Mayu Swirl to mimic drinking water from a flowing river. The motion of the Mayu Swirl reflects the natural movement of a spring or river, restoring the inherent structure of water—the way Nature intended!



Through their journey discovering how to create water the way Nature intended, Shay and Ze’ev fell in love with water. They began to see water as having its own intelligence, just like the rest of the natural world, and rediscovered the beautiful connection between water and human beings. They also noted the importance of cherishing water—that this influences how we absorb and assimilate water in our bodies.


Shay and Ze’ev recognize that everything in Nature has a reason and is ultimately perfect in its expression; simultaneously beautiful and efficient. Water is one of these perfect expressions of Nature.


Shay and Ze’ev designed the Mayu Swirl with high-quality materials that allow the water to be seen and to “give the water its full stage.” Just like watching a river flow, watching the swirling water in their Mayu Swirl has its own mesmerizing beauty. Their children will even stop and watch it, and ask to taste the water simply because it’s movement is so appealing to them.


Nature’s wisdom is evident when you break down the water cycle and see how simple, efficient, and extraordinary it really is. In their own wisdom, Mayu Water designed their products to replicate Nature’s beautiful design.




In Nature, water goes through a circular 3-phase cycle of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. As liquid water evaporates into the sky, it is naturally purified by the sun. The solids in the water stay behind as the water vapor rises—a natural filtration system!


Water vapor condenses to form clouds (condensation). As water droplets accumulate in the clouds, the water absorbs minerals from the air. As it rains (precipitation), the raindrops keep absorbing elements in the air as they fall and then in the ground as the rainwater travels along the Earth.


As the water flows and swirls on the Earth, it aerates, remineralizes, and becomes more structured—essentially infused with life.


Mayu Water replicates Nature’s water cycle with their own 3-step process you can do at home:

  1. Purify the water (mimics evaporation): Filter your water with a high-quality filtration or reverse osmosis system to remove all the contaminants that water has picked up along its journey to your home.
  2. Remineralize (mimics condensation and water’s natural mineralization process): Add trace minerals back into your water.
  3. Aeration (mimics precipitation and water’s natural swirling process): Use the Mayu Swirl to swirl and aerate your water, restoring its innate structure.


To swirl your water with the Mayu Swirl, simply fill the glass carafe up to the line (1.5 liters) and then add in liquid minerals before swirling. The mineral dissolve quickly in the water while it swirls for about 7-10 minutes.


Mayu Water designed their mineral drops to align with the specific mineral composition of a spring without any preservatives or additives. Their concentrated trace mineral supplement allows for the structured water to come out to a similar concentration as a natural spring.


Shay emphasized that it doesn’t matter where you live on this planet, that if you do the 3 steps outlined above, “you can have the same quality of water anywhere, everywhere.”



Mayu Water’s mission is to improve the “lives of people around the world by improving their connection to water.”


Their goal is to help people all over the world drink water as Nature intended, no matter what quality of water they have available to them. Even if you don’t live by a spring, you can still have the ability to drink delicious, high-quality spring water.


Shay and Ze’ev also wish to help humanity reduce their reliance on single-use plastic water bottles and the stress this puts on natural water sources. By creating your own spring water at home, there’s no need to purchase bottled water.


Drinking high-quality water like that created from a Mayu Swirl can improve your health—as well as improving the health of all humanity and the Earth. By revolutionizing the way we drink water in a way that is both fun and fulfilling, we reconnect to water and honor it sacredness.


In the process, reconnecting to water allows us to reconnect with all of Nature—and there’s profound healing in this reconnection. For you are of this Earth, and the Earth already has all the tools you could ever need to heal…including water.

Get our Swirl and see for yourself.