5 Best Glass Carafes for Style and Functionality

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5 Best Glass Carafes for Style and Functionality

Want to impress your guests? Ditch the plastic! We unveil the top 5 glass carafes that combine stunning aesthetics with everyday practicality, perfect for serving cold or hot drinks.

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By Christina Manian
Caitlin Snethlage
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Published June 12, 2024.

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Let's be honest: Plastic carafes are just plain convenient. But they come at a cost, especially when it comes to brewed beverages. Eventually, they leach chemicals, affecting the taste and your health. And who wants a cup of joe that tastes like yesterday's news?

On top of potential health concerns, plastic just looks, well, cheap. You deserve to be healthy, and a quality glass carafe is the first step. With so many on the market, there are many options to choose from. That's why we've prepared a list of the best ones that are practical and stylish.

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Our 5 Best Glass Carafes for Style and Functionality

  1. Best water carafe overall - MAYU | Glass Carafe
  2. Best bedside water carafe - Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe
  3. Best water carafe for sustainability - Bubbly Carafe with Glass by Arhaus
  4. Best water carafe for aesthetics - Puik Rare & Radiant Carafe
  5. Best water carafe for entertaining - Craster Tilt Carafe

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Why You Should Use A Glass Carafe

A beautiful glass carafe filled with refreshing water becomes a constant visual reminder to keep sipping throughout the day. But it also has other benefits:

  • Healthier choice: Glass is free of microplastics and doesn't leach chemicals, unlike plastic, which can contaminate your drinks. You avoid potential health concerns linked to microplastics and hormone disruption from some plastic chemicals.
  • Superior taste: It's also a non-porous material, meaning it won't absorb or impart any flavors or odors to your drinks. This ensures you experience the true taste of your coffee, tea, juice, or infused water without any unwanted lingering hints.
  • Eco-friendly: You get a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles. You reduce plastic waste that pollutes landfills and oceans.
  • Easy cleaning: Glass carafes are typically dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. Stains and residue are easily visible, allowing for a thorough cleaning and keeping your carafe sparkling clear.
  • Elegant: A straightforward, sleek design looks appealing, whether serving guests or enjoying a quiet cup at home. It adds a touch of sophistication to your table.
  • Versatility: You can use them for various purposes, from storing homemade iced tea or infused water in the fridge to decanting leftover wine for later enjoyment.

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Best water carafe overall


Mayu Carafe
The Mayu water carafe for structured water
A woman drinking structured water from Mayu swirl

MAYU | Glass Carafe

The perfect blend of function and style




51 fl. oz


Grade A borosilicate glass

The MAYU Swirl is a high-quality water carafe that elevates your hydration. The thin neck and stainless steel spout make pouring easy and leak-proof, while the dishwasher-safe design ensures convenient cleaning.

The MAYU Swirl is as beautiful as it is functional. Unlike regular glass, borosilicate is incredibly strong and resistant to scratches and chips. You won't have to worry about accidental bumps or everyday wear and tear.

The material also handles extreme temperature changes with ease. You can go from brewing hot tea straight to chilling water in the fridge without fear of cracking.

Borosilicate glass is ideal for hot and cold beverages

Beautiful design

Borosilicate glass has exceptional durability

Leak-proof stainless steel lid with a silicone seal

Higher price point

Best bedside water carafe


Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe
Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe
Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe

Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe




25 fl. oz


Soda-lime glass and sprayed color

The Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe is the perfect bedside companion, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the night.

The empty 10-ounce glass also doubles as a lid, keeping dust and dirt out of your water.

The Jonathan Adler x Fab Fit Fun Carafe is a convenient addition for your nightstand. This 25-ounce carafe holds enough water to last most people through the night, ensuring you stay hydrated without leaving your bed.

Plus, it has a unique blue color that adds a pop of personality to your bedroom décor.

Unique color

Lid doubles as a glass

Ideal size for bedside table

Lower capacity might mean frequent refills

Not as durable as borosilicate glass

Best water carafe for sustainability


Bubbly Carafe with Glass by Arhaus
Bubbly Carafe with Glass by Arhaus

Bubbly Carafe with Glass by Arhaus




38 fl. oz


Recycled glass

Handcrafted in Mexico by skilled artisans, the Bubbly Carafe and Glass by Arhaus is made from recycled glass, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

The Bubbly Carafe's commitment to sustainability goes beyond its beautiful design. Recycled production uses less energy and resources compared to creating new glass, minimizing the carafe's carbon footprint.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind due to the hand-blown nature of the glass. The frosted finish adds a rustic look unique look compared to standard clear alternatives.

Eco-friendly material

Lid functions as a cup

Stable design with a wide base

Difficult to clean narrow neck

Lower capacity might mean frequent refills

Best water carafe for aesthetics


Puik Rare & Radiant Carafe
Puik Rare & Radiant Carafe
Puik Rare & Radiant Carafe

Puik Rare Carafe




40.5 fl. oz


Mouth-blown crystal glass

The Puik Rare Carafe is a true conversation starter, designed to steal the spotlight. Crafted from mouth-blown crystal, this unique carafe has an elegant diamond shape.

The interplay of light, liquid, and glass in the Puik Rare Carafe transforms any beverage into a mesmerizing centerpiece.

This eye-catching design isn't just beautiful, it's versatile. Stand it upright for a classic look or lay it on its side for a dramatic, spill-proof serving option.

Elegant geometric design

Unique shape can be set upright or tilted

Doubles as a vase

Crystal glass is fragile

Intricate design may be difficult to clean

Best water carafe for entertaining


Craster Tilt Carafe
Craster Tilt Carafe
Craster Tilt Carafe

Craster Tilt Carafe




35 fl. oz


Soda-lime glass

The Craster Tilt Carafe is ideal for entertaining; you can create delicious infused drinks and serve them with ease.

The wide mouth makes it easy to add ingredients, pour drinks, and clean the carafe afterwards,

The wide mouth allows for optimal air circulation, enhancing the flavor of your wines. Plus, the narrow design ensures easy storage in your fridge, keeping your drinks cold and refreshing.

Wide mouth ideal for aerating wine

Narrow design suitable for fridge storage

Easy to clean design

Not suitable for hot beverages

Not as durable as borosilicate glass

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What to Look for When Choosing a Carafe

  • Purpose: Is this carafe for fancy dinner parties or an everyday drinker for the family? Will it hold refreshing water, wine, or perhaps tea or infusions? Knowing its primary function will guide you toward suitable materials and features.
  • Durable: Consider how clumsy you—or your loved ones—might be. Glass carafes offer a timeless look, but if you're prone to bumps and spills, try borosilicate glass. It is more robust and less likely to crack or shatter from everyday use.
  • Capacity: How many people are you typically serving? A small carafe might be perfect for an individual, but a larger one is ideal for families or gatherings. Consider your usual crowd size to avoid constant refills.
  • Temperature control: This is vital for serving hot and cold beverages. Borosilicate glass, with its low coefficient of thermal expansion, can easily handle temperature changes, ensuring that your hot coffee or iced tea remains at the desired temperature for longer.
  • Value for money: Look beyond just the price tag. For example, borosilicate glass may have a higher initial cost, but its durability makes it a long-lasting investment.
  • Storage: Think about where you'll store your carafe. A narrow carafe might fit better in the fridge, while a broader base offers more stability on the countertop.
  • Upkeep: Carafes with fancy shapes or narrow openings can be challenging to clean. You can just opt for a carafe with a wide mouth for easy access and check whether it's dishwasher-safe.

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Hydrate at Home: Choose Your Best Glass Carafe

Your carafe can become a cherished part of your home, not just a functional object. It can motivate you to prioritize hydration while adding a touch of sophisticated style to your living space. But with so many options available, choosing a suitable carafe requires some thought.

For a carafe that meets your goals and becomes a long-lasting addition to your home, consider one made from borosilicate glass—like the MAYU | Glass Carafe. This carafe can handle it all, whether catering to a bustling family or hosting elegant gatherings.

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