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5 Reasons Yoga Practitioners Need a Structured Water Device

Zoewie Wilson - Writer for Mayu Water
By Zoewie Wilson
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Mayu Water
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Updated March 25, 2024.

Woman doing yoga on a yoga mat and drinking water on the kitchen floor

Drinking water before, after, and while working out is essential for staying properly hydrated and getting the full benefits of your workout.

As with other forms of exercise, such as preparing for a triathlon, drinking water after yoga and hydrating before and during your yoga session is of great importance, as water replenishes the fluids lost during the process of working out.

It also regulates body temperature, lubricates the joints, and helps transport the essential nutrients your body needs to stay energized and healthy and keep performing tasks. The form of clean water known as "structured water" does all this and more, as it's believed to be better suited to a healthier lifestyle.

Structured Water Explained

Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means it has three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules—different from the normal H2O formula found in plain water. T

he added molecules are believed to energize the water with a greater vibrational frequency, which is more beneficial for the body. Here, we'll discuss some of the reasons why a structured water device may be necessary for any dedicated yoga practitioner.

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1. Structured Water Units Provide a More Balanced Water Supply

As already mentioned, structured water's chemical composition makes this type of water thicker, denser, and more viscous than normal water, in addition to enabling it to better store and release energy.

However, this also means that structured water tastes a lot softer and crisper, which aids in increasing water intake for a more balanced water supply. What's more, the increased vibrational frequency of structured water alone can lead to increased hydration.

2. Drinking Structured Water Benefits Our Bodies

Dehydration can be quite detrimental to a human's overall health. In particular, dehydration can lead to a loss of strength and stamina, which can lead to further damage to your body when paired with the strain of working out. Therefore, it's important to stay hydrated throughout any form of exercise, including yoga.

Even though this is a low-impact form of sport, a bottle of water after your practice is a great way to replenish the water you've lost during the session. A glass or two of structured water after the class should be enough to help you recover and keep your muscles from tightening or cramping.

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3. Structured Water Device Serves as a Visual Reminder

Most mature adults lose about 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day, especially when the weather is on the warmer side or you decide to do an extra lap run around the block. And, because life as we know it gets beyond busy, we often forget to keep up with hydration.

So, having visual reminders to drink water can assist in increasing your water intake—apart from using a hydration intake app, water bottles that are visually striking and in constant view can remind you to drink water every time you see it.

Reasons Yoga Practitioners Need a Structured Water Device

4. Water Movement Has a Calming Effect

Have you ever had a lovely therapeutic massage or a similar treatment such as Reiki, and you heard calming water and nature sounds all around while you were being pampered? Didn't it help you feel more at peace?

Well, yoga also connects us to our inner nature, helping us create this connection within ourselves by focusing on the body, breath, and mind. The aim is to develop an awareness of our own energy—our prana, or life force. This is why most yoga studios have water features or a natural atmosphere achieved either by plants or wall prints that evoke nature.

Similarly, vortexing your water to make structured water will produce a calming effect through water movement.

5. Structured Water Devices Encourage After-Practice Care

After some yoga sessions, muscles that haven't "worked" before and then went for a hectic workout session can feel sore. Jumping into a nice warm shower can aid in muscle relaxation, sweat out the last bit of toxins sitting just underneath the skin's surface, increase blood circulation, and so much more.

While this will help your muscles feel better, you must remember to properly hydrate with structured water for a full recovery after your workout. With a structured water device, you can vortex your water anywhere, making it easier to stay hydrated before, during, and after your yoga session.

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Enhance Your Yoga Practice With a Structured Water Device

Like other forms of exercise, yoga can exert a fair amount of strain on the body, causing you to lose fluids through sweat.

This is why you need to hydrate and be reminded to do so constantly. As structured water holds more benefits for our health than regular water, having a structured water device will help you take proper care at all stages of your workout and create a relaxing environment for enjoying the full benefits of yoga.