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How to Make Structured Water
Structured waterHow to Make Structured WaterStructured water, also known as hexagonal water, is water where the molecules form a hexagonal cluster. Structured water is said to have very close similarities to pure and uncontaminated water found in natural springs and glacier melts. In this article, we will guide you through the differences between two types of drinking water: structured water and unstructured water. We also explain how to make your own structured water at home. » Interested in the other types of water? Read about them here Structured Water vs. Unstructured Water Unstructured water has a chemical formula of H2O, meaning two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to make up a water molecule. Structured water, on the other hand, has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means that three hydrogen atoms combine with two oxygen atoms to form something chemically different from “normal” water. Structured water is denser, heavier, more viscous, and has higher alkalinity levels than normal water. It's also believed that structured water molecules have a higher electrical charge than unstructured water, which is vital for proper cell functioning in the body. Structured water molecules are also more easily absorbed by the cells in the body, thanks to their shape. In contrast, unstructured water molecules clump together and form irregular angles that make it more difficult for the cells to absorb. A person drinking unstructured water can still become dehydrated because the size of the unstructured water molecules may not be as effective for cell absorption. » Want to read more about structured water? Get the full scoop here Making Your Own Structured Water The Crystal Method Crystal water and structured water are believed to be the same thing. Many people suggest that you can create structured water by charging it with crystals. Rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst are good places to start because they are water-safe. Other than that, you will need a glass jar and some clean water. Steps: Begin by filling your jar with high-quality water and place it where it will get some sunlight—this way, the water will be charged through the crystals and heat energy.Place your crystals in your glass jar and put the lid on if you have one.Leave the crystals and the jar for a couple of hours.You can remove the crystals from the water or leave them in—the choice is yours. » When it's ready, be sure to store your structured water correctly The Funnel Method This method makes use of a vortex technique—which we will cover in more detail in the section below. You will need a funnel, a smooth stone or crystal that is not a perfect sphere, clean water, and marbles. Steps: Take your funnel and place it over the opening of a glass bottle. Take the smooth crystal or stone and place it into the funnel—but make sure that the hole is not completely blocked. Fill the funnel up to halfway with marbles.Pour your clean water over the marbles, which will create a vortex effect as it runs over them, structuring the water.You should do this a few times for the best effect. The Copper Method It is believed that adding a copper plate to your water vessel not only removes impurities from the water but also restores it to its natural, structured state. You will need one clay or steel pot, clean water, a copper plate or sheet that is at least 1mm thick, lemon, and salt. Steps: Clean your pot and fill it with high-quality water.Thoroughly scrub both sides of the copper plate with a lemon and salt mixture until any oxidation marks are removed.Rinse the copper plate and wipe it dry.Place the plate into the pot and cover the pot with a lid.Let the water sit for 6-8 hours—or overnight—for best results.Remove the copper plate and use your structured water for drinking and cooking purposes. Infrared or UV Light Method It is believed that structured water can be made using ultraviolet or infrared light. You will need a glass jar, clean water, and either a UV or infrared light. Fill your glass jar with clean water.Plug in your chosen light source and place it so that it’s shining on the glass jar or from above.Leave it on for 3-4 hours. Can Structured Water Be Made in a Blender? One of the ideas behind making structured water is to vortex it, which charges it and allows it to hold more energy. In nature, vortices are energy accumulators and energy transformers. A vortex has the ability to restore natural energy patterns to something that has been disturbed or contaminated. Vortices provide the ability to remove all forms of contaminants in water by transforming the electromagnetic frequencies of the water back to their original, healthy state. When water flows through a vortex, de-structured, contaminated, and corrupted water molecules are returned to a structured state. With that being said, if your blender creates a vortex effect, blending your water may restore it to a structured state. However, water structuring devices are a better choice to guarantee you receive the vortex water benefits. » See the vortex effect in action Water at Its Finest Structured water is found naturally occurring in untouched and uncontaminated water sources. There are many benefits to structured water. However, it's not always easy to access this water, so people make their own. While there are various methods for making structured water at home, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to purchase a water structuring device. The Mayu Swirl is one such device that transforms any water into structured water quickly and effortlessly—giving you peace of mind that your water is truly in its finest state. » Enjoy the full benefits of structured water
5 Reasons Yoga Practitioners Need a Structured Water Device
Structured water5 Reasons Yoga Practitioners Need a Structured Water DeviceDrinking water before, after, and while working out is essential for staying properly hydrated and getting the full benefits of your workout. As with other forms of exercise, such as preparing for a triathlon, drinking water after yoga and hydrating before and during your yoga session is of great importance, as water replenishes the fluids lost during the process of working out. It also regulates body temperature, lubricates the joints, and helps transport the essential nutrients your body needs to stay energized and healthy and keep performing tasks. However, the form of water known as "structured water" does all this and more, as it's believed to be better suited to a healthier lifestyle. Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means it has three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules—different from the normal H2O formula found in plain water. The added molecules are believed to energize the water with a greater vibrational frequency, which is more beneficial for the body. Here, we'll discuss some of the reasons why a structured water device may be necessary for any dedicated yoga practitioner. » Want to know more about structured water? Read all about it here 1. Structured Water Units Provide a More Balanced Water Supply As already mentioned, structured water's chemical composition makes this type of water thicker, denser, and more viscous than normal water, in addition to enabling it to better store and release energy. However, this also means that structured water tastes a lot softer and crisper, which aids in increasing water intake for a more balanced water supply. What's more, the increased vibrational frequency of structured water alone can lead to increased hydration. 2. Drinking Structured Water Benefits Our Bodies Dehydration can be quite detrimental to a human's overall health. In particular, dehydration can lead to a loss of strength and stamina, which can lead to further damage to your body when paired with the strain of working out. Therefore, it's important to stay hydrated throughout any form of exercise, including yoga. Even though this is a low-impact form of sport, a bottle of water after your practice is a great way to replenish the water you've lost during the session. A glass or two of structured water after the class should be enough to help you recover and keep your muscles from tightening or cramping. » How structured water benefits your body: see the full benefits here 3. Structured Water Device Serves as a Visual Reminder Most mature adults lose about 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day, especially when the weather is on the warmer side or you decide to do an extra lap run around the block. And, because life as we know it gets beyond busy, we often forget to keep up with hydration. So, having visual reminders to drink water can assist in increasing your water intake—apart from using a hydration intake app, water bottles that are visually striking and in constant view can remind you to drink water every time you see it. » Need the perfect glass bottle to stay hydrated? Get yours here 4. Water Movement Has a Calming Effect Have you ever had a lovely therapeutic massage or a similar treatment such as Reiki, and you heard calming water and nature sounds all around while you were being pampered? Didn't it help you feel more at peace? Well, yoga also connects us to our inner nature, helping us create this connection within ourselves by focusing on the body, breath, and mind. The aim is to develop an awareness of our own energy—our prana, or life force. This is why most yoga studios have water features or a natural atmosphere achieved either by plants or wall prints that evoke nature. Similarly, vortexing your water to make structured water will produce a calming effect through water movement. 5. Structured Water Devices Encourage After-Practice Care After some yoga sessions, muscles that haven't "worked" before and then went for a hectic workout session can feel sore. Jumping into a nice warm shower can aid in muscle relaxation, sweat out the last bit of toxins sitting just underneath the skin's surface, increase blood circulation, and so much more. While this will help your muscles feel better, you must remember to properly hydrate with structured water for a full recovery after your workout. With a structured water device, you can vortex your water anywhere, making it easier to stay hydrated before, during, and after your yoga session. Enhance Your Yoga Practice With a Structured Water Device Like other forms of exercise, yoga can exert a fair amount of strain on the body, causing you to lose fluids through sweat. This is why you need to hydrate and be reminded to do so constantly. As structured water holds more benefits for our health than regular water, having a structured water device will help you take proper care at all stages of your workout and create a relaxing environment for enjoying the full benefits of yoga. » Elevate your yoga experience with MAYU Swirl structured water device
Elevate Your Wine Experience With the Swirl
Structured waterElevate Your Wine Experience With the SwirlIt's true. The MAYU Swirl was initially designed to aerate water and water alone. However, we recently started receiving unexpected positive feedback from wine experts claiming that it does great things for wine too. Aging Wine With Aeration Incorporating oxygen ages the wine by breaking down tannins for a smoother drinking experience. Jay Kam, the owner of Vintage Wine Cellar and Vintage Wine Vault, says the MAYU Swirl "incorporates oxygen into the wine dramatically faster than any other device I've seen." He explains, "For older wines, it is generally an issue of waking them up from their slumber, which is usually a shorter time. For young wines, you can get a good approximation of the wine's whole life span in an hour or two in the MAYU." » Interested to learn more about aeration? Check out this post for all the details. What Sets the Swirl Apart There are a few distinct differences between the Swirl and other aerators and wine decanters on the market. Several of the aerators you'll find online are single-pour aerators that can only be used for a single glass of wine at a time. While they do aerate the wine, it is limited. You have no control over the length of aeration or the outcome. With the MAYU Swirl, however, you can aerate as much or as little as you want. No More Waiting A fine aged wine that just needs to be awakened may take five minutes, or your palate may prefer 15 minutes or more. With a young wine, you can take an adventure through time, appreciating the wine at different stages of its life. Jay explains, "You don't have to wait 20 years to try that bottle on your shelf." A collector can unlock their cellar and enjoy the bottles that they usually have to walk past. The Swirl: Functional and Stylish The MAYU Wine Swirl has a rechargeable battery, so you can put it at the center of the table or take it with you for a candlelit dinner at the park. Not only does it do amazing things to the taste of your wine, but it's also beautiful and mesmerizing to look at. It makes for an original and memorable centerpiece to wow any guest. Control Your Wine Experience Although all wine aerators fulfill the same purpose, the Swirl gives you control over your wine experience. In Master Sommelier Roberto Viernes's words, "It's like having a time machine. You get to experience the evolution of the wine without the wait." Cheers to your next fine wine experience. » Eager to try out the Swirl? Head to our store to start your wine adventure.
Aeration - On a Chemical Level
Structured waterAeration - On a Chemical LevelIn order to explore the science behind Mayu Water, we will refer to two key premises. Biomimicry is the concept that the earth's natural mechanisms provide the most efficient and elegant methods for life to thrive. In other words, emulating nature's intelligence will provide optimal results. The Human Angle - Body and Soul Life cannot exist without water, that is a universal and basic law of nature. The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. Aeration - On a Chemical Level Atmospheric Oxygen - In; CO2 - Out. What Is Aeration? Aeration is the process of bringing water and air into close contact. Aeration influences the water’s physical and chemical characteristics as well as taste, odor, texture, and overall quality. A flowing motion rejuvenates the water, allows it to absorb atmospheric oxygen, and gives the water its native living structure. How Does It Work? The swirling motion introduces atmospheric air into the water, allowing fresh oxygen to dissolve within it. The interface of water and air, expanded by the vortex motion, allows for increased gas exchange and air circulation, causing volatile compounds to release from the water and fresh oxygen to diffuse in. Fresh Oxygen Is Vital to the Quality of Water The benefits of aeration have been verified by the World Health Organization and other prominent institutions. The swirling motion – a transfer between gas and water takes place as we affect the surface and bring in oxygen. Simultaneously, undesirable compounds are released and evaporate. CO2 embedded in the water, for example, evaporates — and through this process, pH levels in the water are elevated. How Exactly Does This Happen? the swirling motion causes the aqueous CO2 (carbon dioxide) to become gas CO2 and leaves the water: CO2 (aq)->CO2 (gas).Carbonic acid (H2CO3) in the water then creates CO2 according to this reaction: H2CO3 ->CO2 + H2O.Bicarbonate (HCO3–) in the water creates carbonic acid (H2CO3) according to this: HCO3– + H+->H2CO3. The net result: H+ (an acid) is consumed, and pH levels go up. The swirling aeration process helps evaporate and remove dissolved toxic gases and volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as radon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen trichloride, trihalomethanes, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, chlorine, ammonia, methane, volatile organics (MTBE, PCE, TCE, toluene, and other industrial solvents). These substances are all considered hazardous materials and potentially dangerous when consumed in excess. It’s important to emphasize that the Mayu Swirl does NOT filter or purify drinking water. We highly recommend using a good filter to make sure you start with pure H2O. Taste - Aerated Water Tastes and Feels Better The chemical and natural processes described above bring the water to its optimized neutral state — that is, pH balanced, rejuvenated, and revitalized. In a double-blind taste test, 87% of subjects in our experiment perceived a clear, unmistakably improved, and almost sweet taste when compared to non-aerated water (interestingly, child samplers were particularly perceptive to the differences in water quality). Other studies have confirmed that swirled water is indeed sweeter and more delicious. Aeration balances the water’s pH level, quantifiably improving its taste, odor, and overall quality. Get our Swirl and see for yourself.
The Benefits and Importance of Structured Water
Structured waterThe Benefits and Importance of Structured WaterStructured water is sometimes known as hexagonal water and refers to water molecules that form a hexagonal cluster. Structured water shares similarities with pure water that is uncontaminated by human processes. Pure water comes from natural and unpolluted sources like mountain springs and glacier melts, and it is believed that water can be altered to structure it, where it returns to its natural spring water frequency state. Read on to learn about the benefits and importance of this type of water. What Makes Structured Water Unique? The water that flows out of our taps undergoes treatment that destroys its natural structure—both vibrationally and chemically. The chemical formula for normal water is H2O, which means each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The chemical formula for structured water is H3O2 which means three atoms of hydrogen combined with two oxygen atoms. It is often referred to as the fourth phase of water or living water. H3O2 is in a state that is present between liquid and solid and is considered to be thicker than normal water. Structured water has properties of viscosity, alkalinity, and denseness and can release and store energy. It is believed that the molecules of structured water have a more significant level of electrical charges that are vital for cell functioning. For more info, read our blog on how to make structured water. Why Structured Water Is So Important Water is essential because it keeps us hydrated, carries minerals and energy to our cells, and keeps up the basic functioning of our body, all while removing toxins from our system. For the most part, our bodies are made of water—around 60%, to be exact. The water we are brought into this world with is structured just like the water in plants, fruits, and vegetables. However, the water we consume from bottles or taps has likely lost its structure and may even be contaminated. Here are a few reasons why structured water is important: Optimal hydration The body has aquaporin channels that absorb water molecules. The molecules of unstructured water are all clumped together, inhibiting complete absorption. However, structured water allows the cells to be supported and hydrated freely because the molecules are appropriately adjusted for maximum absorption. Structured water results in the body using less energy to hydrate itself.Energy Energy is essential to staying alive, and our body requires energy to function properly. Structured water gives amazing, clean, biophotonic life-force energy back to the body. This isn’t like the energy from caffeine that leads to a crash—it is long-lasting, sustainable, and balanced.Softer water Structured water has a lower surface pressure than most unstructured water, making it softer, easier to drink, and easier to digest.Balances metabolism and stress response Structured water helps balance the cellular stress response, improving resilience and increasing organ activity.Increased detoxification Drinking ample water throughout the day helps dissipate harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. Structured water enhances this process and removes frequencies that could cause further disease. Structured water works as a preventative health care remedy and supports the body by keeping it balanced and in a healthy harmonic state.Cell recovery When we consume structured water molecules, they save energy on a cellular level. As a result, the cells in the body don’t need to process this energy because it is readily available in its resonant hexagonal structure. This saves the body energy and helps the cells recover faster. Benefits of Structured Water for You and Your Family Structured water has many other additional benefits for you and your family, including the following: Fresh and invigorating tasteHelps restore the skin and relieves dryness and itchingDetoxifies the bodyBoosts immune system function and longevityBetter absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrientsPromotes proper hydration, which reduces fatigueImproves weight balancing and health programsImproves the cartilage and discs in the bodyRenewing effects for cleaner, healthier hair when used in baths and showers Structured water also offers all the same benefits for your pets. Additionally, this amazing water can also be used for more than just human or animal consumption, such as the following: When used in spas, it lessens the chlorine requirements for pools and jacuzzisHelps gardens, lawns, and house plants bloom and thriveImproves the development of crops with expanded biomassLowers the freezing point so crops and plants can be sustained at lower temperaturesHealthier fish and livestockLowers the water surface tension for better penetration Structured water is beneficial for our overall wellbeing. This water contains minerals that are more appropriate for human health, and the hexagonal structure makes it easier for our bodies to absorb optimum levels to stay hydrated. It provides our bodies with the energy needed to live a quality life in a safe and fresh-tasting way.
Everything There Is to Know About Structured Water
Structured waterEverything There Is to Know About Structured WaterWater is at the top of the list when it comes to human survival—the life-giving substance that we need every single day. There are so many different kinds of water in this day and age, so it can be tricky to know which is the most beneficial. We have put together all the important information you need to know about structured water and its benefits in this article. What Does "Structured Water" Mean? Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, refers to water molecules that form a hexagonal cluster. It is believed that structured water is very similar, if not the same, as pure, untouched, and uncontaminated water found in glacier melts and natural springs. Structured water has a chemical formula of H3O2, which means it has three hydrogen molecules combined with two oxygen molecules—different from the normal H2O formula. Structured water is thicker, denser, and more viscous than normal water and can store and release energy. The molecules of structured water are believed to have a higher vibrational charge, which is more beneficial for the human body and results in increased hydration. Is Structured Water Safe to Drink? Structured water is safe to drink and is considered more beneficial than processed water. The processes involved in restoring water to its structured state are also harmless. The benefits of structured water are more effective for our health. Health Benefits of Structured Water The most popular benefits of structured water include the following: Helps the cells of the body recover quickerDetoxifies the body of toxic chemicals and harmful frequenciesManages stress and metabolism by increasing organ activity and enhancing resilienceBoosts energy by encouraging immune system functioning and longevitySupports the immune system by promoting optimal bioavailability of nutrientsEasier absorption by the body, which improves hydration Can You Make Your Own Structured Water? It is possible to make structured water from the comfort of your own home. Water can be returned to its structured form using several different methods, including magnetizing it through a process called vortexing, exposing the water to natural heat and energy like sunlight, exposing the water to ultraviolet or infrared light, or storing it in a gemstone water bottle. We also offer a range of wonderful water structuring products, making structuring and enhancing your own water a lot easier. Check out our blog on making structured water for a more in-depth guide. How Long Does Water Stay Structured For? When entering the world of structured water, people often wonder how long the water stays structured. The answer depends entirely on the environment the water is exposed to. When water molecules bond in a hexagonal pattern, it creates H3O2, allowing for more efficient hydration and faster energy movement. However, when water is unstructured, it forms irregular patterns and angles that are not as easily absorbed by the body. Natural springs, tumbling streams, rain, exposure to sunlight, and balanced minerals are natural ways water is structured to create a hexagonal pattern. When water is exposed to unnatural energies, toxins, contaminants, and chemicals, it loses its structure, and the energized bonds created when forming H3O2 are broken. Put simply, structured water stays structured until something de-structures it. The H3O2 compounds will stay intact until they touch something that is strong enough to disorganize the molecules, including the following: Prolonged stagnation (more than seven days)Filtration or water softening systemsReverse osmosisMicrowaving water to heat itChemicalsPlastic storage containers such as bottled waterExposure to artificial electromagnetic waves or fieldsExposure to high electromagnetic fieldsForcing it through long straight pipes Here is a list of everything that reinforces H3O2: Healthy plants, soil, and microbesSunlight and moonlightThunder and lighteningGemstones that resonate with waterBalanced minerals in the correct equilibriumCopper vesselsVortexesOrganic fruit and vegetables with a high water content While structured water will remain structured until it is disturbed by something that breaks the H3O2 bonds, it is most energized and hydrating when it comes straight out of your structuring device, so it is best to drink it as soon as possible to reap all the benefits. Should You Drink Structured Water? Structured water does the body no harm and actually comes with a long list of health benefits, including increased energy and hydration levels. Making your own structured water can be as simple as purchasing a structuring device, so you can and should enjoy all the benefits of this amazing H3O2.

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