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Mineral Water vs Packaged Drinking Water: Which Quenches Thirst Better?

Looking for promises of natural goodness or purity and convenience?

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By Tracy Little
Lucia Gcingca
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Updated December 29, 2023.

Two bottles of mineral and packaged water.

Are you caught between the crisp allure of mineral water and the sheer convenience of packaged drinking water?

Join us on a refreshing exploration as we unravel the critical differences between these hydration choices, guiding you to the one that best quenches your thirst and boosts your well-being.

Mineral Water vs. Packaged Drinking Water at a Glance

Packaged waterTap water
SourceVaries, treated tap water, groundwater, spring water.Naturally sourced from underground springs or wells.
MineralsGenerally low in minerals unless fortified.Contains naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium.
TasteCan be neutral or vary depending on source and treatment.May have a distinctive taste due to mineral content.
TreatmentTypically undergoes filtration, disinfection, and sometimes reverse osmosis.Minimal treatment beyond filtration to remove sediments.
Environmental impactHigh due to plastic bottle production and disposal.Lower impact due to minimal processing and often reusable glass bottles.

Mineral Water

A glass of mineral water.

Mineral water comes straight from hidden springs and wells, keeping all the good minerals and trace elements it's been soaking up. It goes easy on the processing, giving unique flavors and health benefits in every sip.


  • Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Promotes improved bone health and prevents osteoporosis
  • Enhances digestion through magnesium


  • Mineral content may not fulfill all daily requirements
  • Taste may vary across brands

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Packaged Drinking Water

A chemist holding a bottle of packaged water.

Packaged drinking water comes from various sources, including public ones. It goes through several cleaning processes, like reverse osmosis systems, distillation, or filtering, to remove impurities. The process gives it a neutral taste with no added minerals.


  • Undergoes thorough treatment for clean, safe consumption
  • Convenient packaging for on-the-go hydration
  • Variety, including sparkling, flavored, or still options


  • Lacks significant mineral content
  • Neutral taste, lacking distinct minerals

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Nutritional Value

While mineral water can have some minerals, it's not enough to cover all your daily needs. You still need a healthy diet. On the other hand, packaged has most of those nutrients removed during purification.

Thirst-Quenching and Hydration Benefits

Sipping mineral water gives you hydration and a hint of electrolytes, which can add to your nutrient intake and make it taste slightly different. Packaged is clean and pure, perfect for everyday use.

When Can One Be Might More Suitable for Hydration

Match your water to your needs: mineral can be a good choice for sweaty workouts. It replaces electrolytes you lose through sweat—like sodium and potassium—which can help you feel better faster.

For everyday hydration, regular bottled water is fine. It's clean, pure, and does the job without extra minerals or flavors. It also becomes convenient in scenarios like travel, ensuring purity, safety, portability, and convenience.

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Common Misconceptions

Not all mineral waters are the same. The electrolytes they contain vary depending on the brand and source. If you're looking for specific health benefits, read the label carefully.

Be aware of myths, too. Packaged water isn't just bottled. It also goes through special cleaning processes to make it safe and refreshing. The purification makes it an excellent choice for everyone, even folks with sensitive stomachs or picky taste buds.

Mineral Water vs Packaged Drinking Water: Our Verdict

Picking your perfect sidekick comes down to what you need. Is it an electrolyte shot after a workout? Go mineral. Want pure, refreshing H2O for the day? Grab regular. Listen to your body and choose the water that aligns with your needs and taste buds.

If you prefer the convenience and taste of packaged water but crave the benefits of mineral content, then enhance your choice with Mayu’s Essential Mineral Drops—a simple, concentrated blend to elevate your daily hydration.