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How do I make structured water with magnets?

Asked 10 months ago

Does anyone know how to make structured water at home using magnets? I think it'd be pretty neat to be able to make my own. Thanks in advance!

Brendan Pearson

Monday, May 23, 2022

The idea behind making structured water with magnets is about creating a vortex. But there is an easier way to make a vortex. You will need a funnel, a smooth stone, clean water, and marbles.

  • Place the funnel over the opening of a glass bottle.
  • Place the stone into the funnel but ensure that the hole is not completely blocked.
  • Fill the funnel halfway with marbles.
  • Pour clean water over the marbles. It will create a vortex effect, which will structure the water.
  • You can do this a few times for greater effect.
Cameron-Leigh Henning

Cameron-Leigh Henning

Monday, October 31, 2022

One of the easiest ways to create structured water is with vortex motion, which can be easily accomplished with magnets. For example, the Mayu Swirl carafe comes with a base plate that has a vortex generator. Some other easy ways to make structured water are using a funnel, quartz crystals, copper, or a UV light.

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