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3 Holiday Gift Ideas Water Drinkers Will Love

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Updated February 8, 2024.

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Quality glass bottles and carafes are a wonderful holiday gift idea for water drinkers. Glass is one of the better materials for water bottles because it’s nonporous and impermeable, which means it doesn’t affect the flavor of the liquid inside.

Glass is also more sustainable than plastic, so purchasing a glass bottle as a gift benefits the environment as well as your friend or loved one. Although they might seem fragile, glass bottles and carafes are actually durable, and they're convenient to keep on hand at all times. Always carrying a water bottle encourages good drinking habits, as the drinker is less likely to forget to hydrate. In this article, we'll guide you through our holiday gift ideas for any water drinker.

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3 Great Gifts for Water Drinkers

a wooden table topped with a Mayu Swirl water structuring carafe and Mayu Glass Water Bottles

1. Glass Water Bottle for Adults or Kids

Aside from protecting the natural goodness of the water without leaching chemicals into it, glass bottles are especially useful for carrying structured water, as glass will preserve the beneficial structure of its molecules.

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Structured water is believed to increase energy, improve concentration and memory, promote weight loss and better sleep, support a healthy immune system, detoxify the body, promote good digestion, and result in better hydration.

The Mayu Glass Water Bottles come in three different sizes—1.5 liters, 1 liters, and 0.5 liters, making them a great gift for both adults and kids to stay hydrated.

Mayu Glass Water BottlesMayu Glass Water BottlesA woman holding a water bottle next to a Mayu Swirl Earth carafeMayu Glass Water BottlesMayu Glass Water Bottles

Glass Water Bottles


These water bottles are made from 100% eco-friendly borosilicate grade-A glass, with a sturdy, leak-proof lid with a stainless steel interior and bamboo exterior. They're easy to refill and clean, with a wide enough mouth for any bottle brush. These water bottles are also dishwasher-friendly and fit easily into most backpacks and car cup holders.

Glass bottle is one of the best gift ideas for water drinkers! Whether they are outdoors enthusiasts, athletes, or just health-conscious people—your friends and family will certainly appreciate a quality water bottle to help them stay hydrated.

Mayu's water bottle is the perfect gift to elevate any water drinker's daily routine by allowing them to enjoy fresh, uncompromised water anytime, anywhere.

MAYU | Glass Bottles

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2. Water Carafe for Their Kitchen

The Mayu Swirl carafe is a hand-blown glass carafe that's lightweight, dishwasher safe, and made from grade-A tempered borosilicate. This 1.5-liter carafe has a beautiful waterdrop design that eliminates stagnating zones to ensure the water is always flowing freely.

The carafe makes a great gift for any water enthusiast, since vortexing the water grants them access to reoxygenated, rebalanced, and rejuvenated water that holds many benefits.

Girl drinking water from Mayu Swirl water structuring carafe.Mayu SwirlThe Mayu water carafe for structured waterMayu water swirlA woman drinking structured water from Mayu swirl

MAYU Swirl


The Mayu Swirl is available in three beautiful porcelain base colors: Graystone, Earth, and Dolomite. The base of the carafe is a vortex generator, which will automatically begin to vortex the water inside the carafe once it's placed on the base. The swirling motion aerates the water, infusing it with oxygen and allowing it to return to its natural state, which creates structured water.

MAYU Swirl

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3. Water Remineralizer

The Mayu Essential Mineral Blend is a great gift for those who drink reverse osmosis or distilled water. As these types of water don’t contain essential minerals, the Mineral Blend will allow your loved one to supplement their water.

Since minerals found in water are essential for our health, removing them could lead to health complications—and remineralizing drinking water ensures your loved one gets all the essential minerals necessary for optimal health.

Essential Minerals DropsMayu Water Essential Minerals are 100% natural mineral supplements for enhancing water and remineralizing it.Mayu Water Essential Mineral Drops ideal for enriching demineralized, filtered water.Mayu Water's Essential Mineral Drops for filtered water

Essential Mineral Drops


These 100% natural mineral extracts are inspired by the mineral composition of the best natural springs. The Mayu Mineral Blend contains 75 minerals and different microelements with no solvents, preservatives, or sweeteners. One 30ml bottle can remineralize 75 liters of water. These mineral drops are also great for adding minerals to tap water lacking in nutrients.

Girl drinking water infused with Mayu Water Minerals

MAYU Minerals | Essential Drops

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Gift the Purest Form of Water with Mayu

The Mayu Water products are the perfect water-related gifts to provide someone with the tools they need to recreate the benefits of spring water right at home. The 100% borosilicate glass the products are made of ensures no chemicals leach into the water (like with plastic bottles), providing a clean and sterile home for the water.

If you're looking for a great gift for a water drinker, why not grant them access to the purest form of water this holiday season with the Mayu Water products?